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Quicklink TX Duo

Contributor feeds (voice and video calls)

The integration of high-quality live Skype and Microsoft Teams video calls for talk shows, entertainment shows, radio and other live video conferencing events has never been easier. The Quicklink TX designed in partnership with the Microsoft team, is a video call management system. It is a transceiver that enables professional reception and transmission of multiple Skype and Teams video calls through SDI inputs/outputs and HDMI interface. As the Quicklink TX can receive from and send to any Skype or Teams user, providing broadcasters unrivalled global access to millions of users.

The Quicklink TX Duo allows you to manage two simultaneous Skype/Microsoft Teams calls to be processed as 2 SDI/NDI™ outputs. The TX Duo enables you to access 300 million Skype & Teams users for inclusion for remote interviews within live broadcasts, TV game shows, worship events or large managed corporate events.

  • Manage up to 2 incoming Skype/Teams calls to 2 SDI outputs

  • Two professional SD/HD SDI input/output

  • Supports both I/O for NDI™

  • Skype TX controller software with control console

  • Ultra-low delay: For instantaneous bi-directional video/audio contributions

  • Video and audio free from adverts

  • Aspect ratio correction method: Scale your SDI input picture to your requested resolution

  • Customisable tally or information graphic overlay back to return caller

  • Screen sharing capability

  • Auto-Answer function

  • Embedded SDI audio

  • Remote Management Ethernet Port for bare metal restore

  • HD Recording Function

  • Free complimentary technical information via the Customer Portal

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