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Quicklink ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200

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Ultra-low latency, HD bi-directional live encoder/decoder. Transmit & receive live audio/video or audio only in real-time, with full duplex audio.

Receive from any Quicklink studio contributor – ST500, ST150, ST100, iOS App or chrome browser for broadcast output via HD-SDI, HDMI and IP (NDI™, MPEG-TS). The ST100, ST102, ST208 & ST200 are an essential element in any point-to-point broadcast solution where ultra-low latency and high quality links are required. Ideal for networking studios and bureaus together.

  • 265/HEVC equivalent utilising VP9

  • Simultaneous encode and decode in point-to-point or relay mode

  • 200ms glass-to-glass delay

  • Rate adaptive up to 1080p60 30Mbps

  • Supports HD-SDI, HDMI, IP inputs and outputs

  • Full duplex audio, no audio ducking

  • 2 Channels of audio with one channel available as talkback from the ST100/ST200 to the contributor

  • Audio I/O: XLR analogue, AES digital and AES67 IP

  • Deployable on both private and public networks

  • No public IP required with inbuilt NAT traversing

  • Automatic failover between network connections for maximum up-time

  • Create permanent video circuits – Automatic link recovery in case of power outage

  • Simple central management from a web browser

  • OEM options for customisation