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Audio measurement and loudness control

Artisto is a software audio engine, providing a complete solution for automating any workflow involving sound. From simple monitoring and detection of levels to advanced workflows for cross-platform media diffusion or virtualised remote studios, Artisto covers every processing and synchronisation need.

Because Artisto is modular, it can be precisely tailored to the specific requirements of any audio application. Artisto can be flexibly configured with an extensive library of processing blocks such as routing, EQs, dynamics, web streaming, AoIP transmission, VoIP phone, recorder, player, loudness levelling and so on. These can be virtually wired together to build a processing pipeline for the desired workflow.

Running on off-the-shelf IT equipment or in the cloud, it eliminates the frustrations inherent in complex hardware infrastructures, solves interoperability issues and dispenses with the need for outdated, insecure control protocols. Artisto responds to any transport requirements from physical or virtual soundcards (AES67, Dante, MADI,…) to low-latency audio-video streams for the cloud (including SIP).

Artisto is fully configurable and controllable via a simple, open web API. Operations can be manual or automated, centralised or distributed, local or remote.

Artisto’s front-end is based on on the most common web technologies, and On-Hertz provides a library with commonly-used components, guaranteeing that any web developer can easily build custom interfaces that fit end-users’ needs.

By design and philosophy, Artisto is scalable and open. It doesn’t lock the customer into one solution. It allows them to choose what part of Artisto they prefer to use or to connect to third-party services.

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