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SilverBack V

Camera power and batteries

MultiDyne continues to innovate for its pioneering SilverBack range of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions with SilverBack V, the industry’s first 12G and 4K-capable camera-back system featuring an IP output.

MultiDyne SilverBack systems are part of the industry’s broadest range of camera-back transceivers, with common benefits that increase bandwidth for UHD formats, simplify infrastructure, and enhance connection flexibility. What makes the SilverBack V special is 12G Transport and conversion functionality, a new compact size, and integration of an IP Gateway on its base station. The latter is particularly compelling as it introduces broader opportunities to contribute content to studios and production trucks over both IP and SDI.

The same base station can support two camera heads simultaneously — another SilverBack first — which further empowers users in cinema, electronic newsgathering (ENG), sports production and other remote production needs to contribute more field content. A built-in multiviewer provides live monitoring for both cameras feeds, along with optional audio monitoring. The SilverBack V also integrates expansion slots to support external I/O connections with other MultiDyne fiber transport systems and third-party products.

With its built-in IP Gateway, the Silverback V offers users a strategy for IP and fiber convergence that delivers immediate value today, while protecting the customer’s investment for future use across multipoint networks. While dark fiber for point-to-point transport continues to offer the most efficient bandwidth for the higher bit rates and data rates of live 4K, 8K and 12G transmission, the continued adoption of IP across the broadcast and production workflow bring new opportunities in signal transport and management.

SilverBack V is an ideal foundation for users to converge their fiber transport systems with the broader multipoint networking capabilities of IP. The Silverback V offers more opportunities for broadcasters and content products using fiber in the field today to move signals between cameras, switchers, and control rooms over very long distances.

MultiDyne has also broken ground with the Silverback V from a design and footprint perspective. It is the most compact unit in the SilverBack family to date, with a new design that significantly shrinks its width. The result is a much lighter camera back load with easier mobility for the user.

In addition, MultiDyne is working closely with camera manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, and others to customize Silverback V designs to best align with the ergonomic features, including connection points and color textures, of each camera. With camera sizes shrinking, users in the field benefit far more from having the camera weight balance the lens in front of them. The much smaller footprint of the Silverback 5 takes these user needs into consideration, adding just the right amount of thickness while drastically reducing width.

In addition to 12G, 8K, 4K and 3G, the Silverback V supports 1.5Gb/s video, audio, intercom, camera control, tally, data and power onto a single tactical, SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, and/or IP network.


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