Content Connectivity – The Next Generation

Content Connectivity – The Next Generation


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Content Connectivity – The Next Generation

Journal Article from NOVELSAT

Thu 30, 09 2021

By Aviv Ronai
VP Marketing & Product, NOVELSAT

The broadcast landscape is transforming. The influx of content, the growing audiences, and the rising consumer demands are driving content providers, service operators and media distributors to look for new, innovative ways to transform their infrastructure while optimizing and lowering costs in every single part of the video network.

The need for flexible and efficient delivery networks requires new solutions and agile architectures to meet the new video delivery challenges, NOVELSAT solutions are versatile and future proof, designed to support and leverage additional software and applications, for expanding system capabilities, both in terms of scale and new functionalities.

NOVELSAT innovative solutions answer a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios which are confronting the above-mentioned challenges. NOVELSAT solutions are assuring the highest levels of availability and flexibility for broadcast and broadband content connectivity. Featuring modular design according to network needs, NOVELSAT solutions allowing multiple configurations, service options and offer best-in-industry content protection, utilizing extensive security algorithms and mechanisms to provide secured media delivery. Guaranteeing very high system and service availability and continuity, NOVELSAT solutions support 1:1 and N:1 interface redundancy with automatic failover.

NOVELSAT empowers content providers, broadcasters, operators, and service providers, by providing them comprehensive tools for acquiring, backhauling, processing, distributing, and delivering high-quality content, over both satellite and IP networks, with unmatched security and reliability.

NOVELSAT FUSION – Unleash Your Content 

NOVELSAT FUSION, is a next Generation Broadcast and Delivery solution, primed and ready to handle the fast-evolving world of broadcast media. NOVELSAT FUSION offers end-to-end live linear platform, optimal video processing and security solutions, providing holistic delivery across all digital and linear platforms, including live, time-shifted, on-demand, and OTT (Over-the-Top) streaming.

NOVELSAT FUSION maximizes viewers’ experience wherever they are, at the comfort of their home or on-the-go, distributing and delivering live high-quality HD and UHD content to any user device – from TV sets to smartphones

NOVELSAT FUSION offer uncompromising capabilities:

  • ULTIMATE TRANSMISSION EFFICIENCY - New levels of satellite transmission efficiency, driving higher volumes of video content at lower bandwidth cost.
  • ULTRA-LOW LATENCY- Employing advanced algorithms to lower the latency across the video processing chain, couples encoding and decoding at both sides of the connection.
  • CARRIER GRADE AVAILABILITY AND RELIABILITY - Supporting satellite, IP, and hybrid connectivity, adapting to any network architecture, optimizing redundancy schemes.
  • POWERFUL OPERATIONS SUITE - Service-oriented element management system, enabling to rapidly introduce and modify services, as well as maintain and monitor connectivity.

FUSION – One Platform, Many Capabilities

NOVELSAT Xstream – Accelerate your Connectivity

NOVELSAT Xstream – a Multi-Purpose Gateway, is the ideal choice for multiple interfaces satellite networks, requiring any-to-any high-speed connectivity solution.

Addressing multiple applications including video delivery, Earth observation, SIGINT, Cloud and IoT, NOVELSAT Xstream delivers highly integrated, optimized, and efficient multi-interface solution.

NOVELSAT Xstream offers comprehensive set of features:

  • HIGH AVAILABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY - Operation and service continuity. Supporting multiple inputs and outputs. Maximizing and adapting to any network architecture, allowing future upgrades and expansions.
  • HIGH DENSITY AND RESILIENCY - Incorporates multiple satellite modulators and demodulators, supporting the most bandwidth-efficient waveform, NOVELSAT NS4™, as well as standard DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X.
  • POWERFUL SWITCHING, RE/MULTIPLEXING AND STREAM PROCESSING - Supports any-to-any failover matrix, including IP to IP, ASI to IP, and ASI to ASI, together with stream and service redundancy based on any ETR 101 P1 triggers.

NOVELSAT solutions are transforming network capabilities to drive new experiences and expand growth potential.


Join our webinar and learn more on the growing requirements of contribution and primary distribution applications and how new solutions and agile architectures evolve to meet the video delivery challenges.

About Aviv Ronai  

Aviv Ronai is vice president of marketing and product at NOVELSAT, and he is responsible for building NOVELSAT’s exceptional vision and brand, as well as formulating the company's technological and strategic directions.

Mr. Ronai is a seasoned telecom executive with extensive leadership experience in Product Management, Marketing, Business Development, Corporate Development & Strategy. Prior to joining NOVELSAT, Mr. Ronai headed marketing and business development at Gilat Satellite Networks. Earlier, he served as head of microwave business development at Broadcom following the acquisition of Provigent where he served as VP Marketing. Mr. Ronai also served as CMO at Ceragon Networks and VP Marketing at ECI Telecom. Mr. Ronai holds an MBA and a B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University.


NOVELSAT is a leading provider of next-generation content connectivity solutions. Powered by innovative technologies, NOVELSAT broadcast and broadband solutions are transforming networks’ capabilities to expand growth potential and to drive new experiences on any device, anytime, anywhere. NOVELSAT high-performance products for satellite and terrestrial content connectivity include integrated video solutions and highly efficient broadband connectivity solutions, as well as best-in-industry content security solutions. Transforming delivery of data and video with new levels of performance, efficiency, agility, and security, NOVELSAT empowers mission-critical and demanding applications for the telecom, enterprise, media, entertainment, government, and mobility markets. For more information visit

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