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How Bulb & Agama’s Innovative Solutions Support A1 Hrvatska In Its Digital Transformation

Case Study from Agama Technologies

Tue 20, 04 2021

Over the past few years, customer habits and expectations have changed rapidly, and operators and service providers must now deliver the highest quality content across multiple devices. To achieve customer satisfaction, video service operators and providers must collect huge amounts of user data in real-time.

Then, to fully understand their users’ behaviour and the issues that frustrate them the most, they must have the tools and know-how to analyse this data and interpret it.

“To our great relief and satisfaction, with collaboration and coordination, Agama and Bulb overcame a big obstacle to get the video data to Cempresso thus reducing time for agents for troubleshooting by having all the data in one tool. It was essential to get the right conclusion where the problem is and to empower Customer Support to remedy problems in real-time.” - Kristijan Rebelić, Quality Management Team Leader at A1 Hrvatska

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