New Member – Hiscale

New Member – Hiscale


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New Member – Hiscale

Journal Article from Hiscale

Tue 08, 02 2022

Hiscale - a leading German software vendor for scalable transcoding and workflow solutions joins the IABM family

Hiscale designs and develops powerful, scalable and modern software products for customers in the broadcast and media industry. The company is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. We leverage the latest technologies to ensure that our solutions meet the requirements for rapid deployment and cost efficiency, and enable flexible business models with cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid use of technology.

At the heart of the Hiscale portfolio is the FLICS product, a modern, flexible and high-quality transcoding solution designed specifically for broadcast and VOD applications, addressing common problems of traditional static transcoding installations. FLICS is fully based on modern cloud native technology and can be deployed on standard server hardware, in virtual or cloud environments, and in hybrid scenarios. It can dynamically manage cloud resources and set up new instances, automatically provision the transcoding software, and transfer content on demand without requiring any manual steps. As a result, FLICS makes hybrid and cloud-based video content processing highly cost-effective, leaving the customer to decide which resources to use.

The FLICS solution is available for file-based transcoding use cases, adaptive bitrate encoding, and live recording and live transcoding applications. It features a wide range of image processing capabilities and filters, including optional plug-ins for automatic loudness management and high-quality motion-compensated frame rate conversion for live and file-based conversions.

Hiscale's powerful JOBS video workflow orchestration platform is a media file workflow engine designed to simplify and automate the complexities of multi-vendor integrated environments for ingest, quality control, distribution and cloud processing. It manages and integrates with broadcast environments and has a wide range of existing integrations to transcoding, QC and transfer solutions.

Workflow systems are widely used in the market and have been so complex and proprietary that making changes to existing configurations or integrating new systems into your process has been a major challenge and required a great deal of involvement from the product manufacturer. With JOBS and its toolbox approach, you can easily set up your own workflows in a BPMN-based web-editor and make changes as you go. The powerful JOBS RESTful API, workflow scripting capabilities, command line integration options, and JOBS Plugin & Adapter SDKs, give our customers all the tools they need to build and extend their next-generation orchestration system. With its flexible architecture and customizable interfaces, JOBS is the ideal solution for future-proof workflow management of modern video supply chains.

The latest product family, SHIFT, was developed to efficiently manage the transmission of live video signals over the public Internet and other networks using IP-based protocols. SHIFT offers outstanding performance, highest quality (SD, HD, UHD) and easy control of live signal distribution with protocol switching and point-to-multipoint distribution: encrypted, lossless and low latency. By combining industry-proven streaming protocols with SRT video transport technology based on years of broadcasting and distribution experience, the SHIFT platform maximizes the efficiency of your content delivery in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Our team of highly skilled professionals, with years of experience in the broadcast and media industry, have developed the tools to make your day-to-day video streaming, transcoding, orchestration and live distribution business easy to manage, efficient and scalable!

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