Now Available: The All New ShareBrowser Media Asset Manager

Now Available: The All New ShareBrowser Media Asset Manager


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Now Available: The All New ShareBrowser Media Asset Manager

Blog from Studio Network Solutions

Wed 26, 05 2021

Creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s often a careful cooperation between close teammates working toward the same goal. ShareBrowser, the media asset manager included with EVO video editing servers, has become the heart of this collaborative production workflow for the world’s leading media studios, corporations, sports teams, government institutions, marketing teams, churches, universities, and more.

And now, with the latest ShareBrowser release, this powerful and easy-to-use media asset management system just got even better.

The new ShareBrowser media asset manager (MAM) features a stylish new look for a modern user experience across devices, plus a slew of new features and integrations that make media workflow more productive and efficient for creative professionals.

EVO’s included ShareBrowser MAM system takes collaborative, creative workflow to new heights with this latest release. Come see what’s new in ShareBrowser’s latest software release—now shipping with new EVO shared storage media servers.

Watch our webinar about the new ShareBrowser release, recorded live on May 11, 2021 –

Intuitive New Interface

You work with beautiful, high-resolution footage and displays. Shouldn’t your organizational tools do the same? We think so, too.

The new ShareBrowser media asset management software features an all-new look and feel, modernized for the creative video production community. Your media thumbnails will pop against the sleek gray tones of the new ShareBrowser interface as you browse your perfectly curated catalog of footage.

ShareBrowser’s sleek, new interface offers a consistent user experience across your devices. So whether you’re using the feature-rich ShareBrowser desktop app on Mac or Windows, or the more streamlined ShareBrowser web app in your preferred browser (no software installation required), everyone on your team will enjoy the same modern look and feel.

ShareBrowser list and gallery view make it easy to navigate your files.

Back to those media thumbnails, you can easily toggle between two view settings—list view and gallery view—to browse your media any way you want. If you identify media files better by thumbnail rather than file name, this new feature is for you. Most importantly, having the choice between these two view settings gives each team member the flexibility to experience your file system in the way they work best.

The new ShareBrowser is so much more than a pretty face. The most important part of EVO’s ShareBrowser media asset manager is its organizational tools, which also got an upgrade with this new release.

Bins, Bins, Bins!

ShareBrowser users love their bins. ShareBrowser bins are an elegant and flexible way to organize files without moving or copying them. What’s not to love about that?

The latest ShareBrowser release takes this love of bins to a new level. Bins can now be searched, where queries can return results from individual shares, all shares, or even a defined selection of shares.

Thanks to feedback from loyal users, you can also use ShareBrowser bins with Nomad, EVO’s included remote editing utility. This is a major workflow opportunity for teams working from home or in a hybrid on-prem/off-prem environment. Simply add media you will need to access remotely to a bin, and retrieve proxy files of the media in that bin using Nomad from home. As if EVO didn’t make it easy enough to work from home, your remote video editing workflow is now bin-friendly, too.

Bins are among the most popular features our customers talk about when raving about the ShareBrowser software—that and its convenient tagging capabilities. For those who love ShareBrowser’s tagging features, you’re in for a better user experience, too. It’s now easier than ever to add custom metadata like the DP or client’s name to a media file. It’s also more intuitive to add tags to entire folders in bulk, a useful tool for importing new footage shot from a single location or cascading tags into themed media content.

Simple and Sophisticated

We’ve built several new and sophisticated features into the ShareBrowser MAM system, all with the goal of improving your media creation workflow. Even with this increased sophistication, ShareBrowser hasn’t lost sight of its guiding principles: simplicity and ease of use.

To simplify workflows, ShareBrowser helps users easily see which files are online and offline with a simple, visual file status. Offline files will show as transparent when browsing media in both list and gallery views, so editors can easily identify the file’s status before taking an action on it.

Remote Editing with ShareBrowser

Access to proxy files can make or break a smooth remote video editing workflow. The new ShareBrowser makes it easier to create and download your preview proxies for offline editing and remote production workflows.

What are preview proxies? Preview proxies are the small thumbnail videos you watch when previewing media in ShareBrowser. Slingshot, EVO’s automations engine and API, can automatically transcode your media into preview proxies on a recurring schedule. But, if a particular clip was not transcoded, or if you haven’t set up EVO’s auto-transcode feature yet, the new ShareBrowser can instantly create a preview proxy for you with a simple right-click selection.

These preview proxies can then be downloaded to any remote workstation with Nomad and used for offline editing, mezzanine workflows, and collaborators working from anywhere.

Enjoy a consistent, modern UI across Windows, macOS, and the ShareBrowser web app.

Web App-reciation

The ShareBrowser web app is a powerful media asset manager in an easily-accessible package. Web app users can search, preview, tag, and comment on media through their preferred web browser, even without local network access to the file system. Simply point your browser to EVO, log in, and get tagging.

With the new ShareBrowser, web app users can do even more. You can browse the entire directory structure, navigate files and folders, search by volume, create preview proxies, and download preview proxies for offline review and remote editing. All of this is possible through the convenient, browser-based ShareBrowser web app, which requires no software to download or install locally.

This makes the ShareBrowser web app even more useful for your review and approval process, as well as for remote and on-site collaborators who need to preview, tag, and comment on footage without interacting with the file system directly.

Creative Workflow Integrations

EVO is built for creative media production, and that means it’s built to work with the tools and technology you use in your workflow. We have integrations with Adobe, Ross Video, DaVinci Resolve, Amazon, NewTek, Final Cut Pro, cloud storage, and many other products and services in your production environment. We’re constantly developing and enhancing our integrations to optimize your team’s creative workflow and improve your experience with our products.

Top NLE Integrations

The ShareBrowser panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is a fan-favorite integration for creators hooked on the Adobe video editing software suite. With the ShareBrowser panel, Adobe users can search their media asset management system directly in Premiere or AE, import their media into a project, and easily see all of their metadata for a faster video editing workflow. The new ShareBrowser panel also allows Adobe creators to open a Premiere project directly from the panel and open a clip directly in the Premiere source window from their shared storage—all without leaving Adobe Premiere Pro.

Not an Adobe shop? ShareBrowser will also soon integrate directly into DaVinci Resolve Studio, so you can search your MAM, preview clips, and import your media and metadata directly into your project without leaving Resolve. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest news on ShareBrowser and DaVinci Resolve.

ShareBrowser also features an integrated extension in Final Cut Pro and works in beautiful harmony with all the major production applications like Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, Blender, Nuke, and more.

Archive Integrations

A rich media archive is only useful if you can find what you need from it. Integrating your archival system with your media asset management system can open up a world of possibilities and add immense value to your historic footage.

EVO integrates with a variety of cloud service platforms and can be configured to automatically backup and replicate media to the cloud for a low-maintenance archival workflow. If your video production team uses a cloud-based archive system, and you’re using EVO’s built-in replication features, then your files will remain searchable in ShareBrowser even after they are archived. The metadata remains intact, so you can continue searching your archives directly in the ShareBrowser media asset manager.

If your team focuses more on LTO/LTFS tape archive, check out ShareBrowser’s new integration with StorageDNA. You can search your archived files in ShareBrowser, which are easily identified by a tape icon centered on the media thumbnail. You can also send clips to the StorageDNA archive or restore archived media with a simple right-click selection.

EVO is built for creative media production, so whether you archive to the cloud or LTO tape; edit in Premiere, Resolve, Final Cut, or Media Composer; or use a myriad of other media production tools, EVO is ready for it all.

Advancing the API

Our API makes all of these great integrations possible. It’s an incredible force working behind the scenes to make your collaborative video editing workflow as smooth and simple as can be.

You don’t need to know all the details (or any, really) about our API to fully optimize your MAM workflow with ShareBrowser. Just sit back, and let the API do its thing.

For those who are interested in the more technical features of our API, we’ve added some new upgrades for better third party integrations and a more seamless content creation experience for our users. Here are a few API upgrades to geek out about.

Custom fields are now connected more fluidly within the API, so you now have the ability to parse, insert, and search your custom metadata with the API. This makes it much easier to transition to ShareBrowser if you’ve been using another media asset management or digital asset management (DAM) system. Interested in switching to ShareBrowser? Let’s talk.

We’ve also added protected and invisible fields in ShareBrowser, accessible through the API. This allows third party integrations to create and edit fields that users can’t modify (protected) and fields that users cannot see at all (invisible). These restrictive fields minimize the potential for user error while maintaining system-to-system links, ensuring that your files and metadata will always get to where they need to go.

ShareBrowser media asset management comes included with EVO shared storage solutions.

MAM of the Future

We’ve put a lot of hard work into redesigning ShareBrowser to better serve video editing teams like yours. The result is a chic, new interface with better features, more functionality, and an improved user experience.

But there’s even more to it than that. The new ShareBrowser system establishes a forward-looking architecture and provides a foundation for future development, meaning a better ShareBrowser for you today and incredible potential for years to come.

So if your team needs a new content management server solution that will get (and keep) your team organized—one that has powerful features, advanced integrations, an easy-to-use interface, and all the collaborative tools you need for a smooth media production workflow—look no further than ShareBrowser. It’s the ultimate MAM system designed for creative media production, and it’s included free in unlimited fashion with EVO high-performance video editing servers.

EVO users running EVO OS v6.1.5 can upgrade to the new ShareBrowser by contacting SNS support.

To schedule a demo, place an order, or request more information about EVO and the new ShareBrowser media asset manager, contact SNS today.

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