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Video Workflow Cloudverse: Why ARM in the Cloud is the Future of Content

Webinar from MainConcept

Fri 28, 01 2022

The Cloudverse is in motion, and it gravitates towards ARM technology. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the benefits and maybe drawbacks of transitioning your Linux-based workflows from x86 to ARM processors. Also, we’ll be looking at what’s available in the ARMverse “below the clouds.” The entire MainConcept SDK portfolio—from AVC to VC-1—now supports use on ARM-based Linux platforms including Raspberry Pi and AWS Graviton instances. In this webinar, Nicolai Otto, Director Product Management, will discuss: the availability and new, exciting proposals enabled by ARM processors (Amazon Graviton); cost savings possible by well-optimized processing chains on ARM (cost comparison Intel/ARM-based on AWS); other deployments of ARM beyond mobile and Cloud (e.g., Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson); and future considerations for processing mix between x86 and ARM.

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