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IABM BaM™ Shop Window

An online resource where users can source and find out more about the best products available
Fully categorised and searchable
Gives a complete, 360 degree model of the industry.

Access services and localization tools

Create subtitles/closed captions, translation, dubbing/synchronization.

Timed Text Speech

Auto-transcription service uses cloud-based processing and machine learning for automated captioning

FrameFormer Live

Turnkey software for live motion compensated frame rate conversion

FrameFormer for Dalet Amberfin

FrameFormer conversion software available on the Dalet Amberfin platform

Advantage Audio Description Workstation

Audio/Video Description workstation software to prepare scripts and record the description audio.

Subtitling and Localisation

Automated transcription, subtitling and localisation services for language service providers

Cambria Live

It is a software-based production suite for professional live streaming broadcast production.

Advantage Audio Description Compiler

Creates linear audio files from industry standard ESEF AD files. Options for PreMix. Mono and DTT.


Next-Generation Platform Leverages Advanced AI-Based Content Analysis to Speed Metadata Creation

TransCast DVB Live

Real-time decoding of VBI closed captions and conversion into DVB subtitles


Transcription, Captioning, and Translation workflow with the AI advantage

FrameFormer for Hiscale FLICS

FrameFormer conversion software available on the Hiscale FLICS platform

FrameFormer for Marquis Medway

FrameFormer conversion software available on the Marquis Medway middleware platform