Cambria Live - IABM Single BaM Product

Cambria Live - IABM Single BaM Product

Cambria Live

Cambria Live


Cambria Live works as a standalone, all-in-one live studio encoder or as a part of a network of multiple Cambria Live workstations overseen by Cambria Broadcast Manager (BCM).

Playlist Creation/Import

Create playlists with a group of files for repeated playback, highlight clips edited in Cambria Live, or a playlist to be muxed with a separate audio track.

Powerpoint Input

Users can integrate PowerPoint presentations into a live broadcast for E-learning and seminars.

Cambria Live Controller

Cambria Live Controller integrates seamlessly with your existing playout server and ad scheduling systems while mixing live and file assets. Customizable controllers communicate with these systems and control Cambria Live’s engine via API.

Audio Level Control

Allows users to adjust audio levels on the fly while live streaming.Cambria Live EditCreate multiple video clips on the fly during an event by simply setting in and out points on Cambria Live Edit timeline.

File Recording

Simultaneously stream and record a broadcast as a TS or MP4 file.

Multi-view Function

Cambria Live can replicate the feel of a multi camera broadcast by creating virtual cameras in software that can be cued as if you had multiple studio cameras.

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