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FrameFormer conversion – Hiscale FLICS

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InSync Technology, experts in software motion compensated standards conversion, have partnered with Hiscale, specialists in high-performance, scalable software products, to deliver a flexible on-demand conversion solution for broadcasters and content owners of any size.

The integration will benefit broadcasters and content owners who face unexpected needs for frame rate and format conversion, such as when footage that was expected to be 1080 50i turns out to be 720 30p, and there’s no option to reshoot, or when a client requests a clip for integration into a UHD 59p program, but the only version on the server is HD 50i.

Keeping a standards converter on standby for such situations is not cost-effective. That’s why InSync and Hiscale have joined forces to create a new option for pay-per-use standards conversion — FrameFormer for FLICS. With FrameFormer for FLICS, users pay for time-limited use on their preferred cloud platform, so there’s no large upfront cost to start using a new converter, and the customer avoids being locked into a costly contract with a single vendor.

FrameFormer is a high quality, motion compensated standards converter that offers frame rate and format conversion including de-interlacing, up/down/cross conversion, aspect ratio conversion, cadence management, and SDR/HDR/WCG tools for all types of content, from sub-QCIF up to 8K and beyond. FrameFormer has been carefully designed and finely tuned over many years to provide reliable conversions with automated settings, enabling fast deployment without lengthy parameter setup.

Accessing FrameFormer via FLICS provides the ultimate in flexibility, enabling customers to use their in-house processing resources as far as they can stretch, then offload peak demand into the cloud as required. FLICS incorporates transcoding, open APIs for integration into any preferred workflow, auto-scaling to handle incoming peak demand, and load distribution to make the most of available resources.

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