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Audio signal processing, routing and infrastructure

Analog and digital audio interfaces, routing, signal processing and conversion devices.


Multichannel Audio over IP Codec

MAGIC ACip3 Audio Codec

MAGIC ACip3 is a pure IP Audio Code for high-quality Audio transmission.

AVN-AIO8 8 Input, 8 Output Dante® Interface, PoE

The AVN-AIO8 audio converter and interface converts to and from the Dante AoIP networking standard.


AoIP: A point to point or point to multipoint audio codec using IP for real-time streaming

MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go Audio Encoder

MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go is a high quality and professional DSP-based hardware Audio Encoder.

AVN-AO16 16 Output Dante® Interface, PoE

Audio converter/interface converts up to 16 analogue outputs from the Dante AoIP networking


IQOYA X/LINK is a stereo IP audio codec dedicated to distribution applications.


2wcom’s MoIN multi-format, multi-channel multimedia over IP Network Server

MAGIC DABMUX Go RF Ensemble Multiplexer

MAGIC DABMUX Go RF is a DSP-based Ensemble Multiplexer with RF modulator.

AVN-CU2-DANTE Commentator Unit, 2 Commentators

The AVN-CU2-DANTE is a portable commentator unit using Dante® AoIP.

AVN-PA8, 8 Stereo Analogue Line Inputs & 8 Stereo Analogue Line Outputs, AES...

AVN-PA8, 1 of 3 powerful audio mix engine interfaces for audio routing, metering and equalisation.


IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 is a stereo to multi stereo FULL IP audio codec dedicated to distribution.