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HC Bridge SRC

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HC Bridge SRC provides 256 bi-directional channels of sample rate conversion for AoIP networks. HC Bridge SRC facilitates connecting audio between devices running at different sample rates or in different clock domains on Dante (48 kHz and 96 kHz), AES67 or ST 2110-30 networks. The two network connections can be to physically or virtually separate networks, providing control isolation between two sets of equipment where an AoIP discovery and control ‘firewall’ is required. An HC Bridge SRC includes 2 HC cards, each providing 256 Tx and 256 Rx channels at 48 kHz or 96 kHz, with 128 Tx and 128 Rx streams at both sample rates. Sample rate conversion can be disabled if not required. An alternate HC Bridge configuration without sample rate converters is available with higher channel capacity at 48 kHz. An HC Bridge includes 2 HC cards, each provides 512Tx and 512 Rx channels at 48 kHz, 256 Tx and 256 Rx channels at 96 kHz, with 128 Tx and 128 Rx streams at both sample rates. Each card includes a redundant pair of SFP cages for 1GbE RJ45, multi-mode fibre or single-mode fibre Dante/AoIP connectivity.