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Content and metadata packaging

File-based content transcoding and creation of wrappers and packages including content and metadata for delivery to consumer platforms and devices.

LTN Cue & Connect

Greater agility in optimizing and monetizing ad-supported distribution of linear TV channels

OTT Distribution

ONE software with end-to-end automation for OTT Distribution – from Scheduling to Delivery

Centralization — CLEAR Ingest and Distribution

Prep once, distribute globally

Promo Operations

Promo Operations offers a never before functionality to automate the entire promo operations module

MediaKind Aquila On-Demand

Enables the ingest, transformation, processing, storage and delivery for file-based video content.


MediaIngest is the all-in-one application for ingest control & content origination


Content management solution that exceeds the pace of Live Production.

Limelight Edge Compute for Media and Entertainment

Limelight’s suite of edge compute offerings, are integrated with one of the CDNs in the world.

Limelight Video Platform

Manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video fast and with ease.

Limelight EdgeFunctions

EdgeFunctions simplifies development and reduces time to production for video and content delivery.


HYPER IMF is an end-to-end MAM solution that supports IMF formats for ingest, archive and delivery.


MAM for real end-to-end IMF multi-configuration deployment anywhere