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LTN Cue & Connect

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LTN® Cue & Connect are fully managed linear metadata solutions designed for today’s platforms and advertising demands. The IP-powered solutions simplify signal decoration for optimized ad signaling, targeted transformation, and greater monetization.

LTN Connect is an on-prem metadata insertion solution that deploys in existing broadcast environments. The solution tailors linear metadata decoration to conform to your specific workflow and requirements — with flawless interoperability. Connect features include advanced blackout management, content regionalization, graphic and audiotrack overlays, plus automated VOD file creation from linear programs.

LTN Cue is an in-network metadata insertion and video delivery solution. Cue simplifies channel management with advanced advertising and content replacement workflows to generate more metadata — and more revenue — without requiring additional hardware. Cue features include scalability to multiple SCTE 35 profiles, compatibility with any playout, facilitation of OTT platform advertising, and always-on NOC monitoring and support.

Transform the future of video with LTN Cue & Connect.