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LTN Cue and LTN Connect

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LTN Cue and LTN Connect, are two managed services that bring users greater agility in optimizing and monetizing ad-supported distribution of linear TV channels. Integrated into the LTN Network (LTN Cue) or deployed on premises (LTN Connect), both channel management services leverage proven linear metadata technology and a 24/7 network operations center (NOC) to ensure more reliable, flexible, and profitable channel distribution. While LTN Cue is a straightforward, scalable service for less complex workflows, LTN Connect provides flawless metadata signaling for even the most demanding advanced advertising and channel customization workflows.


LTN Cue and LTN Connect managed services make it easy for channel providers to keep up with the possibilities of marking ad breaks and other content for downstream cable, satellite, and digital platforms. Both automate the complex tasks of decorating feeds to suit various distributors’ profiles and guarantee the precision essential to proper downstream handling of markers. These services empower broadcasters, cable channels, diginets, and digital-first streaming networks to converge and scale their linear channel ad break and video distribution workflows — and in turn drive revenue growth.