Data Driven Analysis And Self Healing - IABM BaM Product Category

Data Driven Analysis And Self Healing - IABM BaM Product Category

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Data-driven analysis and self-healing

Automated analysis of device and network status, aggregation of data and real-time self-healing.

Monitoring and Control (Satellite related services & applications)

Capacity Management Centre (Satellite related services & applications)


Intelligent Network Analytics

smartDASH & smartSCOPE

Vendor-agnostic smartDASH & smartSCOPE Monitoring, Telemetry, Inspection & Network Analysis Tools

Network 1

Our 24/7/365 linear distribution platform for global IP channel delivery.

All-in-One Compiance Monitoring

Centralized portal for TV stations to monitor QoS, QoE, compliance and other standards.

Dymos(TM) Event Driven Monitoring

A lightweight deployable on-demand OTT stream monitoring system designed for temporary events

MatchBox Generator

A fully-fledged test pattern generation with advanced audio and video identing.

MatchBox Analyser

The constant half of our 2-part solution for lip-sync, coherence and channel identification.

MatchBox Glass

A sophisticated app that is essentially a highly portable version of MatchBox Generator.


Advanced audio and video identing


A modular 1RU frame


The MDU-12PMi Provides complete rack-health visibility whilst monitoring status and providing alerts