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Data-driven analysis and self-healing

GatesAir’s Intraplex® LiveLook application for IP Link, NetXpress™, and HD Link™ provides advanced network analytics and monitoring capabilities at an affordable price. It is an invaluable tool for optimizing and monitoring network performance. Broadcasters are increasingly using IP networks for audio contribution and distribution. While IP networks provide clear benefits for both cost and flexibility, there are network impairments which must be overcome to realize the reliability required for broadcast application. While the Intraplex® IP Link platform provides several packet loss mitigation techniques, it is essential to understand the patterns of packet losses as well as other impairments on the network connection to optimize these techniques.

Intraplex LiveLook provides both a real-time analytics as well as a monitoring and notification platform for the IP Link audio codec systems. The analytics capability of LiveLook uses Burst Packet Loss modeling technique to analyze the patterns of packet losses, which is then used by the internal decision tree to provide recommendation on the most effective packet loss mitigation technique of the IP Link to apply.

The monitoring capability can simultaneously collect long-term statistics on multiple audio streams, which can be used for historical analysis. The notification capability creates a separate alarm log for each audio stream and can optionally send email notification to the user on the state of the audio stream.

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