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MatchBox Glass

Data-driven analysis and self-healing

The newest member of Hitomi’s MatchBox family of solutions for lip-sync, MatchBox Glass is a sophisticated app that is essentially a highly portable version of MatchBox Generator.

MatchBox Glass is powerful and, like MatchBox Generator, works with MatchBox Analyser to replace the need for human intervention to test audio and video links. MatchBox Glass ensures that whatever is in front of the camera looks and sounds like it should on screen.

Making the measurement is simple and fast. The user holds an iPhone or iPad running the FREE iOS app in front of up to four cameras. At the other end, the MatchBox Analyser, which has four inputs, when enabled with the licence for Glass, can exactly measure video and audio timing differences – if any – across all four cameras.

The remote MatchBox Analyser in the MCR or OB truck looks and listens for a unique flash and audio tone generated onsite by MatchBox Glass and in approximately two seconds returns video and audio alignment and adjustment data that thus vastly accelerates the process of onsite synchronisation. This is especially useful for remote productions because it provides the ability to swiftly and accurately catch any synchronisation issues before they leave the site.

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