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Dymos(TM) Event Driven Monitoring

Data-driven analysis and self-healing

Qligent’s Dymos(TM) Monitoring solution packages all of the QoS, QoE and Compliance Monitoring benefits of Qligent’s flagship Vision system for temporary services in the cloud, giving service providers a friendly pricing model and lightweight monitoring infrastructure that turns on and off as needed.

The dynamically-fashioned instance enables the support of events with minimal notice, connecting the service provider’s infrastructure with a Qligent Vision system in the cloud through a secure URL. Customers get the same benefits as 24/7 Vision users, monitoring QoS-related transport and physical streams, QoE-related issues (lack of signal, video freeze, missing audio) and compliance-related matters, such as audio loudness and closed captioning.

The instantly deployable system provides all the same standard Vision components, including aggregation servers and networked probes for gathering performance data across the delivery chain. Measurement and compliance results and recordings are still available for the customer after the event for a defined period of time – with no additional costs associated as the probing cloud instances have been turned off.

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