Ad Server

Ad Server

Programmatic and addressable advertising platforms

Sales, management and delivery/insertion of advertising using programmatic technology (including supply-side platforms) and addressable (targeted) delivery.


Unifying Advertising and Linear Rights across Broadcast and IP.

LTN Cue & Connect

Greater agility in optimizing and monetizing ad-supported distribution of linear TV channels

Amagi THUNDERSTORM – Auto OTT Ad Detection

THUNDERSTORM is a server-side ad insertion platform for OTT content publishers & vMVPD platforms.

WO Marketplace

Say hello to new demand, increased competition, and optimized rates

WO Sales Console

Say hello to simplified sales processes without compromising control

WO Ad eXchange

Digital audio, say hello to automated access to advertiser demand

xG GamePlan

Award-winning ad management engine for linear TV

TS Splicer

Transport Stream splicing for advertising insertion and content replacement.

Ad Server

PlayBox Technology offers a solution for building your own ad network.

MediaQX TV Attribution

Maximize the Performance of your Linear TV Advertising Results

Context Distillery for Ads™

Match ads to the content your viewers consume

Starfish Edge Server

The Starfish Edge Server is used for remote media insertion (e.g. ad insertion) and playout.