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Amagi THUNDERSTORM – Auto OTT Ad Detection

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Amagi THUNDERSTORM is an automated ad detection and OTT dynamic ad insertion platform that enables content publishers and vMVPD platforms to effectively monetize live linear OTT channels. It’s based on an advanced, server-side ad insertion technology that can insert personalized, in-stream ads, without requiring any customization to the streaming applications on the user’s device. THUNDERSTORM supports wide range of OTT platforms, players, and devices which makes it the most versatile ad insertion solution available today.

Unlike other server-side ad insertion alternatives, THUNDERSTORM supports automated ad detection using advanced machine learning. Using the technology, the platform can detect and replace ads with more than 95 percent accuracy even though ad triggers are not available . In case content publishers do want to use ad markers, THUNDERSTORM can support multiple ad insertion markers including SCTE, DTMF Cue Tones, Packet31, and Amagi’s patented Watermark.