Real Time Production Video Servers - IABM BaM Product Category

Real Time Production Video Servers - IABM BaM Product Category

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Real-time production video servers

Real-time production video servers

Video server systems for real-time recording and playback in production environments.

vx 2

The vx 2 gives you the freedom to build out your technical capacity depending on your production

vx 4

The vx 4 has been engineered to play back video at higher quality, smoothness and resolution

gx 2c

The gx 2c features the most powerful workstation GPU available, capable of 38,433 Notchmarks

MX Hybrid

The MX Hybrid is a feature rich, future proof and easy to operate integrated production solution.

Arrow III

SSD/HDD based Replay server with 10GbE connectivity and 3 built-in DMR™ Racks for 3.5″ hard drives

disguise gx 2

The gx 2 has the most powerful workstation GPU available and also features two VFC cards.

Mo-Sys VP Pro

The complete solution for creating virtual production content


Fresco-Atom is a flexible embedded OS multiviewer system which supports up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs


Hero playout is a cost-effective broadcasting system with wild format compatibility.

Evertz Dreamcatcher & Bravo

Dreamcatcher Slow Motion Replay System Bravo Integrated Production & Postproduction Platform


Dreamcatcher & Bravo Slow Motion & Production Systems Full SDVN IP Video Infrastructure

Studio X

A multichannel system created for video and audio signal ingest, playback and monitoring