Resource monitoring systems

Monitoring of devices on a network, typically via SNMP, serial or GPI interfaces, alarms and status reporting.

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router 

Monitoring of devices on a network, typically via SNMP, serial or GPI interfaces

Monitoring and Control (Satellite related services & applications)

Capacity Management Centre (Satellite related services & applications)

Dalet OnePlay

Dalet OnePlay Transforming live show production with synchronized multiplatform distribution

Actus Advanced OTT Monitoring and Analysis

Combine OTA/OTT analysis on the same platform or implemented as an exclusive OTT monitoring solution


The new vertical design utilises unique high density IEC Connectors


Power change over mains distribution unit, 14 way, dual input change over and cable tie bar


Provides facilities with monitoring, reporting and alarming on the performance of deployed devices


The MDU-12PMi Provides complete rack-health visibility whilst monitoring status and providing alerts

Etere SNMP Console

It optimizes all processes, infrastructure performance and devices from within a single interface.


MediaServicesIQ – AI & ML-Empowered Post-Production Workflows


AI Empowered Compliance Logging and Broadcast Monitoring System

Dymos(TM) Event Driven Monitoring

A lightweight deployable on-demand OTT stream monitoring system designed for temporary events