Dalet Oneplay - IABM Single BaM Product

Dalet Oneplay - IABM Single BaM Product

Dalet OnePlay

Dalet OnePlay


Dalet OnePlay, the next-gen automated studio production with orchestrated multiplatform distribution, helps streamline studio operations, optimizing the resources required to run a show.

An extension of Dalet Galaxy five, Dalet OnePlay not only automates the control of all devices in the studio, it also fully leverages the MAM, NRCS and workflow orchestration capabilities of the platform to open up new forms of audience engagement and revenue opportunities, all the while optimizing the costs of the entire operations

Dalet OnePlay benefits any production of scripted shows, making it an ideal solution for newscasts, sports magazines, live and live-to-tape studio shows.

Modern UI, collaboration and orchestration unleash new opportunities

Dalet OnePlay’s modern, intuitive and efficient UI and UX combined with the agile Dalet Galaxy five News Production and Workflow Orchestration platform enables custom live production workflows with unrivaled operational flexibility, way beyond traditional studio production.

The single shared environment gives way to much smoother and efficient collaboration between show preparation and studio production teams.

More content to more platforms with the same resources

The Dalet Workflow Engine facilitates synchronized multiplatform distribution and automated social media publishing, mitigating operational errors across the board.

This modern workflow allows media organizations to shift their operations forward and get more content to more platforms in a shorter timeframe with the same resources, all while ensuring audiences receive consistent and high-quality experiences across all delivery devices.

Fully Featured and Fully Integrated

Dalet OnePlay controls all device types including video switchers and servers, cameras, audio mixing consoles, graphics, lighting, routers and more. The intuitive, web-based user interface controls all core production devices and is fully integrated with Dalet Galaxy five for seamless workflows, automation and ultra-efficient collaboration between the newsroom and playout.


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