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All-in-One Compiance Monitoring

Data-driven analysis and self-healing

Qligent Vision Compliance Monitoring system unlocks a centralized portal to monitor the three pillars of quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and compliance in one flexibly priced solution.

Qligent has long offered an enterprise-level Vision solution for large TV networks and distributed service entities, covering a broad array of monitoring and analysis requirements across many locations. Qligent’s new All-In-One Compliance Monitoring system is tailored for the local TV stations and smaller station groups tasked with the same responsibilities, including loudness and closed caption monitoring, at a more modest scale.

Perhaps most unique is the inclusion of QoS and QoE monitoring – two core Qligent competencies that are rarely offered in compliance monitoring systems. While TV stations can now cost-efficiently monitor their own QoS-related transport and physical streams along with QoE-related issues (lack of signal, video freeze, missing audio), the system also allows broadcasters to record and monitor live program streams from in-market TV stations. These powerful capabilities will give broadcasters consistent insight into competitive QoE performance, as well as clear evidence of what local businesses are advertising with those stations.

Qligent will supply all software, common off-the-shelf hardware, and QoS/QoE/compliance toolsets as an instantly deployable system, which removes the cost and integration burden of expensive, proprietary compliance systems. The flexible pricing structure offers monthly or annual fees for the same turnkey solution, which provides consecutive days of 24/7 compliance recording through the contracted period. Options to monetize programming, such as content repurposing, are available for additional fees.

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