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Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software

Video Quality Estimator

Video Quality measurement tool designed to compare quality of encoded streams.


FlexViewer is a high-quality IP multiviewer, supporting multiple Video and Audio codecs.


TS monitoring server


AI Empowered Compliance Logging and Broadcast Monitoring System

TAG Complete Monitoring and Multivewing Solution

100% software based integrated IP Multiviewing, Probing and Monitoring solution on COTS/Cloud.


Video & Audio WFM & Rasterizers ST 2110 & 2022 & SDI

QC Box

Automated Quality Control for Easy Control Checks

Actus Alert center

Real time alerts on audio and video issues: no audio, no video, frozen image, loss of CC, etc

Actus TS Analysis

TS Analysis provides deep inspection and analysis of transport streams, errors and pie chart reports

MatchBox Generator

A fully-fledged test pattern generation with advanced audio and video identing.

MatchBox Glass

A sophisticated app that is essentially a highly portable version of MatchBox Generator.


Advanced audio and video identing