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Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software


SMPTE ST 2110 analyzer locked to PTP to provide packet interval, latency, and ST 2110 measurements.

AVQ1022 ActiveCore RF Signal Analyzer Monitoring Receiver

AVQ1022 extends the functionality into a universal RF signal analytical device.

AVQ100 ActiveCore RF Signal Inspector

An easy-to-use tool for SFN and Off-Air signal monitoring for digital broadcasting standards.

CRS – Capture & Replay System

Captures and replays pcap files up to 20GB. Data rates up to 100G and PTP capture timestamps.

ClearView Video Quality Analyzers

ClearView provides quality assessment metrics, recording, and playback comparison viewing up to 8K.

RTM – Real-Time Quality Monitoring and Recording

RTM detects and records faults in video, audio, loudness, and lip sync while logging quality levels.

Atlantic Microwave Test Loop Translators

Atlantic Microwave’s TLTs enable simple, fast, cost-effective testing of satellite earth systems.

Ultra 4K Tool Box, Ultra XR, Ultra TQ

Omnitek manufactures a range of video Test & Measurement products supporting SD to 4K/UHD formats.