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Test and measurement equipment and software

The Sx TAG with its SFP, SDI and analog I/O offers incredible versatility in a handheld device. It is ideal for IP, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, HDMI and Analog test & measurement as well as AES eye analysis, for applications demanding true mobility and ease of use. It provides support for SMPTE ST 2110-20/30/40 encapsulation/decapsulation with ST 2059 PTP, SDP and NMOS as well as SMPTE ST 2022-6 encapsulation/decapsulation, using 10GE IP SFP+ modules developed by Embrionix. Useful hybrid IP/SDI features include SDI to IP and IP to SDI gateways for both ST 2110-20/30/40 and ST 2022-6 as well as the ability to generate an analog reference output slaved to the ST 2059 PTP or 2022-6 IP input.

The Sx range of instruments are the broadcast industry’s most popular handheld devices offering exceptional mobility in an easy to use, easy to carry format. Designed for commissioning, fault-finding and compliance testing, the PHABRIX Sx range is equally at home on an Outside Broadcast, in a studio facility, in remote locations with remote monitoring, or a manufacturing and test environment. 

Their proven lightweight (0.9Kg) but rugged aluminium case is fitted with a high quality screen for instrument display and video monitoring, as well as an integral speaker and headphone jack for audio monitoring. The generator/analyzer operates via rechargeable lithium battery for up to 2 hours, and can also be powered by a mains adaptor to offer flexible operation around facilities.

The Sx TAG’s key features includes:

Hybrid IP/SDI + Analog generation, analysis & monitoring

  • Simultaneous generation and analysis for SMPTE compliance testing

  • SMPTE 2110 and 2022-6 stream encapsulation/decapsulation for IP video networks

  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI support plus Analog Composite [PAL-I, PAL-N, PAL-N (ARG), PAL-M, NTSC-M, NTSC-M (JP)]

  • SFP cage for SDI-Optical, HDMI and IP

  • AV Delay Generation and Analysis

  • Embedded audio generation, analysis & monitoring with 1x AES in, 1x AES out, 48kHz 75 Ohm

  • Balanced analog audio I/O

  • Auto Bi-level, Tri-level and SDI genlock with cross lock capability

Advanced video analysis toolset

  • Over 350 formats supported for compliance monitoring

  • 12-bit YRGB/YUV waveform monitor with horizontal/vertical zoom, chroma and low pass mode

  • Vectorscope with color wheel for checking color bias / conformity

  • Signal generation with 32 test patterns, including Pathological and moving patterns

  • CRC error detection, video aspect ratio detection and SMPTE 351 display

  • HANC/VANC support

  • Pixel check and picture zoom

Multi-channel audio analysis & monitoring

  • Embed a single external 48kHz synchronous AES stream into the generated video stream

  • Extract embedded audio and export it via the AES output

  • 16 channel audio metering

  • Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus bitstream analysis

  • Audio AES eye analysis

Remote access, automation & logging

  • TCP/IP interface for remote control and automated testing

  • Comprehensive status logging with custom reports

  • Instrument picture capture to simplify fault finding

Ultra-portable, easy to use design

  • High quality, 16:9 built-in screen for video monitoring

  • Rechargeable lithium battery delivers up to 2 hours operation and mains power also available

  • Superior ease of use with color coded GUI

  • Lightweight at 0.9kg

  • Rugged aluminium case for demanding broadcast environments

* To be released

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