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Test and measurement equipment and software

Test and measurement equipment and software


A modular 1RU frame

4T2 Content analyser

Advanced Stream Analyser Supports DVB-S/S2, T/T2, ATSC, ISDB, and DVB T2-MI extensions.

All standard all band portable modulator for USB-3

A good fit for application engineers who need to travel and demonstrate their companies products.

Twelve-channel cable/terrestrial receiver for PCIe

Twelve receivers on one card, supporting a mix of terrestrial ATSC 3.0, ATSC 1.0, DVB-T/T2, ISD-T


The VB330 is deployed as embedded hardware, appliance based or as software-only.

VB440 40 Gigabit IP probe w/Instrument View

Monitoring and analysis of uncompressed media as defined in ST2110, ST2022-6 and ST2022-7.

BCi Digital Systems Integration

We are specialist System Integrators but we are agnostic to hardware, software and vendor solutions.

Calnex Paragon-ONE Broadcast

High precision SMPTE ST-2059-2 (PTP) test solution. Emulate, impair and measure IP sync up to 10GbE.

Calnex SNE Broadcast

Multi-port, multi-user, Network Emulator. SMPTE 2110-21 & SMPTE 2022-7 testing up to 25GbE.


Real-time video quality monitoring with full analysis of video streams for broadcast, IPTV, & OTT.


Software solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP and HLS streams quality control and measurement of QoS and QoE.


MSight is a file-based media analyzer software for deep video compression analysis.