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Transcode and normalization

Transcoding conversion of video encoding format, file container format, bit rate, image size and aspect ratio.


Vantage® is a software-enabled media processing and workflow orchestration platform.

Brightcove Zencoder

Zencoder is an extremely fast cloud-based transcoding service with industry leading reliability.

Limelight Video Platform

Manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video fast and with ease.

Dalet AmberFin

High-quality media processing platform with integrated ingest and QC.

Cambria File Convert (FTC)

transcoding software solution that converts video files and allows you to produce high-quality media


Open platform, managed encoding system. RTMP streaming, +Hour time delay and caption processing.


Transcode and normalize your files and codecs, with pre-editing capabilities.

WIREWAX Media Services

Powerful tools and services that analyse, process, catalog and modify video assets – at scale.


The name says it all. Simultaneously output edit quality ProRes and web shareable files quickly.

Cognitive Indexing

🕵️‍♀️ Cognitive indexing, detecting personalities, objects and context automatically

FrameFormer for Hiscale FLICS

FrameFormer conversion software available on the Hiscale FLICS platform

Limecraft Edge

Swiss army knife for data handlers and edit assistants including QC, transcoding and ingest