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Dalet AmberFin

Transcode and normalization

Dalet AmberFin is an orchestrated, scalable media processing platform with fully integrated transcode, color conversion, packaging and file transport functionality, enabling facilities to make great pictures in a scalable, reliable and interoperable way.

Dalet AmberFin software runs on cost-effective, commodity IT hardware that can adapt and grow as the needs of your business change.

Whether you need a single application specific product or a large-scale enterprise-class transcode farm, Dalet AmberFin software is built upon unique technology that ensures your media assets retain the highest quality whether standard- definition, high-definition, ultra-high-definition or new media content.

Ingest: Dalet AmberFin enables optimal media ingest from camera card, local, network and cloud locations. Ultra high-quality codecs, color and HDR conversions maintain the value of the original material, with mezzanine formats including JPEG 2000, XAVC, HEVC, ProRes, DNx, AVC-Intra and XDCAM HD. Growing file support and the ability to write directly to shared and cloud/object storage dramatically reduces workflow latency, while flexible Closed Caption/Subtitle and Ancillary Data retention and conversion support offers further time savings.

Transcode: Dalet AmberFin is a completely scalable, fault-tolerant, high-quality transcode environment, including format and standards conversion, with best-in-class image processing, allowing for fast, effortless content delivery and repurposing. Our service-based architecture enables sites to build transcode farms on commodity IT hardware or virtual/cloud machine instances – minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance costs and enabling complete “lights-out” operation.

Media Supply Chain Orchestration: Dalet AmberFin includes a fully capable BPM workflow design and execution environment, enabling media packaging and delivery to be created for multiple endpoints, running in parallel. Media packaging is available for HLS, DASH and IMF directly within the workflow engine. Native integration between the transcode and workflow engines ensures that your existing conversion profiles can be used seamlessly within the BPM environment. Automation plugins are available for third-party file-based QC, forensic watermarking and file acceleration vendors.

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