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Vantage Cloud Port

Transcode and normalization

Free up your powerful editing workstations from performing non-creative tasks – even for remote workflows. • Critical business continuity & disaster recovery issues are solved by Vantage Cloud Port. • Vantage workflows can automatically “follow the media,” using cloud processes when and where it makes sense. • Vantage Cloud Port supports hybrid deployments of appliance, virtualized, and cloud, using proven best-of-breed Vantage technology. • As media files are orchestrated, Vantage Cloud Port automatically provides intelligent and efficient management of cloud storage, avoiding egress fees and providing operational efficiencies that are easily monitored. • Workflows can be made to burst in peak demand situations – you’re ready for worst-case workload without constant overprovisioning. Consumption-based pricing protects your bottom line. • Proven partner integrations that have made Vantage the industry standard are now available in a flexible hybrid cloud offering. • With the Vantage Cloud Port Hosted Workflows option, Vantage workflows can be exported and run completely in the cloud. There is no dependence on Vantage systems running on the ground.

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