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Microphones and microphone systems


Unlike most X/Y stereo microphones where the capsules form a 90° stereo image, the BP4025 has ingenious arrangement of its large capsules for stereo more “realistic” 120° image. The two capsules are mounted back-to-back on the same electronic circuit.

This is a unique configuration of coincident large diaphragm capsules for impeccable sound quality and exceptionally low noise level. The audio reproduction – thanks to the excellent channel separation – is natural and powerful to give the listener the impression of being there when the audio was recorded.

  • Unique configuration of large-diaphragm capsules offer pristine sound quality and exceptionally low noise

  • Natural and powerful sound reproduction

  • Innovative coincident capsule configuration produces accurate stereo image in smaller housing

  • Compact, lightweight design is ideal for camera-mount use, but can also be used in the studio

  • Excellent channel separation

  • Phantom power operation—for use with professional equipment

  • Diaphragms are 24.3mm diameter and a thickness of 2 microns

  • 155 dB SPL, with 10 dB pad (nominal)

  • Switchable low-frequency roll-off and 10 dB pad

  • 80Hz Low cut filter with a slope of 12dB/octave

  • Low self noise (14dB)

  • Includes one balanced cable (5-pin XLRM at the microphone end and two 3-pin XLRM-type connectors at output end)

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