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MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid

Audio mixers and consoles – radio

The MAGIC THipPro is the most flexible and functional talkshow system in our portfolio. The 8 lines system is available for POTS, ISDN or VoIP lines, the 16 lines system is available for ISDN or VoIP lines.

A special feature of the MAGIC THipPro is the so-called Mixed Mode in which the system can be operated with POTS or ISDN lines and simultaneously with VoIP lines. For the Mixed Mode, you simply need to upgrade a POTS or ISDN system with VoIP.

MAGIC THipPro provides two analogue and eight digital Audio inputs and outputs plus two handset/headset interfaces. The Audio interfaces can be assigned freely to the installed workplaces and studios. In total, up to 20 workplaces can access the MAGIC THipPro simultaneously. With the Admin Upgrade, six different studios can be configured.

For MAGIC THipPro, two main software versions are available for configuration and control: MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener. In the standard delivery no PC licence is included so that the user can decide which one is more suitable for his purposes or chose a mixture of both. Additionally, for smaller studios or recording boothes which do not need the ON AIR functionality, the News Desk Client Software could be a cost-effective solution.

MAGIC THipPro can be connected to an MS SQL database Server. Different studios can use the same or individual databases for call screening. Of course, a blacklist function is also available. All features such as e.g. Auto Answer, call forwarding, Voice Disguise, Night Service and caller preselection are supported. As a special feature the answering machine functionality has been implemented – callers can be accepted automatically in Hold, hear a pre-recorded message and are dropped afterwards.

For an easy communication with DHD mixing consoles, MAGIC THipPro allows the configuration of up to 96 DHD SetLogic commands. Via the Ember+ protocol 96 inputs and 96 outputs can be programmed, an easy communication between MAGIC THipPro and e.g. DHD or Lawo mixing consoles is possible.

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