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Logitek mixIT-12 Radio Console

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Powered by the 1 rack-unit high JET67 Audio Engine, Logitek's mixIT 12 delivers the following for only USD $5800:

  • Auto-configuring mix minus buses available at every fader to provide clean return feeds to telephone hybrids and audio codecs

  • Quick console scene change buttons for different shows

  • Three utility routers to change feeds to air chains, codecs, or recorders

  • EQ and dynamics at every fader

  • Any source routes to any fader via simple touchscreen controls

  • 4 microphone inputs with phantom power

  • 6 stereo analog inputs

  • 2 digital inputs

  • 8 stereo analog outputs

  • 2 digital outputs

  • Quick-connect terminal blocks for I/O

The mixIT is a fully networked audio console, featuring AES-67, Ravenna, and Livewire stream discovery via a built-in 4 port Ethernet switch. (2 x 10/100 & 2 x 1 GB connections)

AES-67, Ravenna, and Livewire are available now; an optional Dante module is coming soon.