Paradiso - IABM Single BaM Product

Paradiso - IABM Single BaM Product




Paradiso is a commentators box for 3 commentators. It can be used by itself to provide the commentary facilities alongside an OB truck for small events or multiple Paradiso’s can be used at large events that require Worldwide broadcast coverage.

Audio links between the Paradiso and other equipment are by Dante (AES67 compliant) complete with redundant copper & fibre links. Analogue I/O and AES3 I/O are also provided directly from the unit for local connections and/ or another layer of redundancy.

The Paradiso has been designed to be intuitive & easy to use for Commentators’ who would rather be talking about the game than working out how the equipment works, and is also built to our exacting rugged & robust standard to make it a reliable piece of broadcast equipment for the busy engineer.ePaper DisplaysFor quick easy intuitive visible Indication of individual headphone source names, levels & pan. Viewable in bright sunlight.

Fully Redundant Copper and Fibre Network ConnectionsIf an IP link fails you have no broadcast! Our system provides fully redundant glitch free audio & data transport across any of the 4 network interfaces.

Automatic Adjustment For High or Low Impedance HeadphonesOur unique headphone amplifiers automatically provide the correct drive level to high or low impedance headphones.

Instinctive Mic Gain Setting InformationWhen adjusting a mic’s input gain, the ePaper display changes to display the gain being applied in dB and the PPM automatically changes to display just the level of mic input currently being altered.

Multiple Power SourcesFor complete failsafe redundancy the Paradiso can be powered from any of the following sources: PoE (2 off), Wide Range Mains or external DC.

Local Analogue & AES3 I/OFor 100% reliability local analogue & AES3 I/O is provided as complimentary audio connectivity to the network audio.

Referee Compressor/ LimiterGlensound’s World renowned Referee compressor limiter system keeps even the loudest commentators sounding great.

Fully ConfigurableGlenController remote control/ setup application allows hundreds of different parameters of the Paradiso to configured to meet the users requirements. 

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