IABM Future Trends Channel



The IABM Future Trends Channel is an online launch pad for innovation with a packed agenda of presentations that explore up-and-coming technology and business trends and how they will segue from today’s environment.

Delivered over 5 weeks in September and free for attendees to attend/watch on-demand, the Future Trends Channel will offer one live event every Tuesday together with a vast array of online content designed to provide attendees with knowledge and insight to help them make more informed decisions.

To attend the live elements and receive links to the on-demand content, please click the links below.

We will also be hosting weekly exclusive Special Round Tables with users of Broadcast and Media technology. These by invitation only events will take place each Thursday in September at 3pm BST/4pm CEST and will be based around the themes below, there will be 10 seats available and they are a way that users of Broadcast and Media technology can share ideas and challenges in confidence which we will report back to the vendor community to make sure that they are supplying the services and products that users need. 

Users and buyers of Broadcast and Media technology can request to take part by clicking the button below and sending us your name, job title and company along with the week you would like to take part in (see below).


Virtual Week
Cloud & Virtualization

1 - 4 September

The Virtual Week will focus on everything related to cloudification and dematerialization of media operations, including innovative technology solutions to address social distancing, at-home production and distributed media workflows.

Data Week
AI/ML & Analytics

7 - 11 September

The Data Week will focus on data-driven media, including innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to create, manage and deliver content as well as analytics solutions enabling informed decision-making at media organizations.

Mesmerizing Week
Imaging & Immersive

14 - 18 September

The Mesmerizing Week will focus on quality and experiences, including next-generation audio, UHD television, VR, AR and other immersive technology solutions.

Streaming Week
Streaming Content & Platforms

21 - 25 September

The Streaming Week is about efficient content delivery and preparation for direct-to-consumer platforms as well as the architecture and design of OTT experiences. See this as the complete technology toolset needed to go direct.

Money Week
Future Media Economics

28 September - 2 October

The Money Week is about future media economics and digital business models, including the deployment of blockchain technology for content monetization as well as advanced advertising solutions that enable targeting and programmatic buying. See this as the complete technology toolset needed to make money in digital media.