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Mesmerizing Week
Imaging & Immersive

After years of niche applications, consumer adoption of VR has started to accelerate during the coronavirus pandemic, with AR too finding increasing use by Broadcast and Media companies. Is this a tipping point? UHD adoption was also on the increase – particularly in sports - helped by the increasing number of IP deployments.

The Mesmerizing Week will focus on quality and sensorial experiences, including next-generation audio, UHD television, VR, AR and other immersive technology solutions. What breakthroughs will take these immersive technologies to the next level?


IABM Media Tech Trends Report
Immersive Experiences

This edition of the report focuses on UHD and VR and covers the following topics:

  • UHD & VR Essentials
  • UHD & VR Adoption Trackers
  • UHD & VR Deployments


After years of niche applications, consumer adoption of VR has started to accelerate during the coronavirus pandemic, with AR too finding increasing use by broadcast and media companies. Is this a tipping point? UHD adoption was also on the increase – particularly in sports - helped by the increasing number of IP deployments.

This fireside chat will start with Thierry Fautier, President-Chair of the Ultra HD Forum and VP Video Strategy for Harmonic, referencing the current state of affairs, followed by our guest panelist Leonardo Chiariglione who launched the ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standards committee in 1988. IABM’s CTO, Stan Moote, will tease-out the future from these two compression industry experts.

Leonardo has a new initiative called MPAI (Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence) that will put licensing at the heart of a new AI based compression scheme. Thierry is one of the few MPEG specialists who has implemented all the different video standards throughout his career. Don't miss hearing from these compression authorities!


The Ultra HD Forum has recently updated its service tracker that shows good progress of UHD services, in this session, we will present an update of the first numbers presented at NAB’20. We will also present the progress of UHD in the broadcast world as services are now on air already in Korea, Japan and now the US.  VIEW PRESENTATION
This session will explore how 5G offers data rate increases both upstream and downstream, as well as the ability to manage data on the 5G connections in a more sophisticated manner than ever before. The key role 5G plays in reducing latency; through the development of new standards, it is now possible to reduce latency within live video to a matter of seconds by using multicast ABR within the CDN to the edge and leveraging edge processing within the network. VIEW PRESENTATION
Newer broadcast and OTT systems require audio systems with additional features and benefits for the viewer. Next Generation Audio (NGA) is the term used to describe these new audio systems which are coming to the marketplace. NGA systems support new features such as immersive audio, personalized audio and others. In this webinar, the features of NGA are explained, along with presenting some useful tools to help you easily deploy NGA services in your own facility. VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will talk through the pros and cons of virtual production, LED walls coming of age, how CAPEX and OPEX have been redefined (fixed assets in a single location producing one event or programme versus remote, diverse multi-platform/location production) and what it really takes to own, run and resource a true virtual production/studio, whilst providing the ultimate experience. VIEW PRESENTATION
For high profile live sports productions, the stakes are naturally.. high. Whether you’re covering a sports event, music show or broadcasting live news, when time is short and it’s got to be right, broadcasters around the world rely on the precise audio and video alignment analytics offered by Hitomi’s MatchBox solutions. VIEW PRESENTATION
This session will examine the progress of 4K and the challenges we need to overcome for 8K to become a mainstream format, based on market data. VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will explain how 5G creates a new ball game in many domains. The high-speed network capability of 5G will enable UHD experiences, multi-view in HD, as well as high-quality immersive AR and VR video delivery. The low-latency aspect of 5G networks is crucial to allowing high QoE for VR and AR applications. In addition, the session will explore the edge cloud architecture (MEC) supported by 5G, enabling edge processing for use cases such as sports arenas, cloud VR VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will explain how we can deliver new interactive and immersive experiences that will change the way live sports and entertainment are consumed. Attendees will learn about the latest advancements in virtual reality (VR) where the simple 8K viewport-independent VR scheme benefits from the new generation of VR devices and smartphones supporting 8K decoding, as well as the commercial release of 5G networks.  VIEW PRESENTATION
HDR affects broadcast production especially when the final content requires mixing live signals and rendered elements like CG, graphics, virtual scenery and 3D elements, so they must be taken into account when designing HDR production workflows. This video show how Brainstorm has re-defined its technology both in ingest, render and playout so its graphics, virtual set and augmented reality solutions feature a complete HDR internal workflow, regardless if the output is SDR, HDR, or both. VIEW PRESENTATION
In this paper, we demonstrate how VVC and EVC could be 8K-broadcast enablers in the upcoming years. Based on encoding constraints coming from DVB-T2/S2 and 5G-broadcast transmission scenarios, the relevance of both codecs is assessed based on encoding efficiency and complexity criterions. In addition, we highlight that early 8K-deployment is possible with these codecs since a reduced set of tools is capable of achieving minimal required efficiency.  VIEW PRESENTATION
Chinese dramas are already being filmed in vertical and YouTube has created its first vertical TV show. The line between mobile content and big screen content is getting blurry. The session will explore why portrait video is set to transform the user experience as well as discussing how to test portrait video today with your existing landscape catalog. VIEW PRESENTATION