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Streaming Week 
Streaming Content & Platforms

​SVOD subscriptions have rocketed up during lockdown. But with consumers unwilling to pay for ever more subscriptions, the need to stand out in a crowded marketplace has never been so high. Whatever the service, efficiency is the backbone of OTT platforms, alongside user interfaces and consumer experience.

The Streaming Week is about efficient content delivery and preparation for direct-to-consumer platforms as well as the architecture and design of OTT experiences. We are exploring the complete technology toolset needed to go direct – what’s available now and what’s on the horizon?


The Streaming Week live event is about efficient content delivery and preparation for direct-to-consumer platforms as well as the architecture and design of OTT experiences. We are exploring the complete technology toolset needed to go direct – what’s available now and what’s on the horizon?

How to Face Traffic & Other Challenges Posed by Live Video Streaming Services with an Elastic CDN

When delivering streamed coverage of a live sports event, you don’t want this message to appear on users’ screens: “We’re having trouble playing this. Rest assured, we’re working on it.” Yet stream interruptions impacted millions of viewers at critical moments in each of the last four Super Bowls. Why would anyone expect that live OTT will live up to the legacy TV experience? As a streaming service provider, you need to offer a viewing experience that matches or exceeds the norms of traditional broadcast and pay-TV.

But is this possible? And how?

Join Damien Lucas, Chief Technology Officer & co-founder of Anevia, in a webinar on how a new approach to CDN infrastructure can help deliver on this expectation.


Join Damien Lucas, Chief Technology Officer & co-founder of Anevia, in a webinar on how a new approach to CDN infrastructure can help deliver on this expectation. VIEW PRESENTATION
Enforced and accelerated by the pandemic situation in 2020, a lot of event based applications can only be done virtually connecting to audiences remotely. The key factor is being able to instantly reply and interact with presenters. This is valid for many different applications like music events or town hall meetings. VIEW PRESENTATION
Vimond will review a recent esports case study and how using the latest modular cloud-native video content management technology allows the customer to stand out in their marketplace. VIEW PRESENTATION
As consumers migrate to OTT streaming platforms, they are demanding a robust library of both live and on-demand content experiences with the same high Quality of Experience as traditional television services. So how do content and OTT service providers stand out? In this presentation, Zixi’s VP of Business Development, Eric Bolten, will explore how to maximize QoE for Live Content Delivery to OTT platforms using IP networks and software-based solutions. VIEW PRESENTATION
Video Transport by Medialooks is a proprietary protocol that works on top of SRT and features automatic site discovery and network traversal (based on ICE), advanced forward error connection (FEC) and ARQ recovery implementations. Effective H.264 and H.265 compression is used for bandwidth reduction – from as low as 2 Mbps to as high as 80 Mbps for perceptually lossless transmission. When interfacing with a browser for remote video contribution or monitoring, the transport method switches to WebRTC. VIEW PRESENTATION
This online seminar gives you an overview of the SRT functionalities, why is SRT important, what are the challenges of streaming over the unmanaged internet, SRT key features, how SRT works and typical applications in combination with WISI headends. VIEW PRESENTATION
In this discussion, Yang Cai, the CEO of VisualOn, will share our experiences helping many of the top services and companies worldwide to create the best viewing experience as well as provide engaging, high-quality services with low lifecycle costs.  VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will explain how dynamic video watermarking technology can help pay-TV operators and content owners fight illegal streaming during live events. During the session, attendees will learn about a next-generation watermarking technology that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, and employs a unique top-down approach to support both client and contribution use cases, enabling operators to protect content on broadcast, IPTV, and OTT networks. After identifying the source of piracy, the technology takes down the source within seconds. VIEW PRESENTATION
In this presentation, compression experts V-Nova and the World Health Organisation, will discuss a successful deployment of V-Nova’s compression technology to optimise their inter-site video contribution. Covering everything from the practical implementation and experiences, to how the use of V-Nova’s software has enabled the WHO to increase the quality and volume of live video links between its international locations and helped to accelerate production under these challenging times. VIEW PRESENTATION
In this talk, the current low latency streaming implementations are reviewed, including LL-DASH, LL-HLS and HESP. A deeper understanding of how they perform for different criteria is explained, such as latency, bandwidth, zapping time, scalability, etc., as well as identifying the strengths, limitations and best practices. VIEW PRESENTATION
OTT is gaining significant ground as an alternative to traditional delivery platforms as more consumers turn to a plethora of devices to satisfy their appetites for entertainment, news and sports. Broadcasters find themselves seeking reliable and effective monitoring methods to ensure their delivery is pristine, they’re competitive, and viewers remain engaged. This presentation explores all aspects from the basics to the challenges, discussing the technologies and workflows of probing and monitoring for OTT services. VIEW PRESENTATION
Steve Russell, Head of Media Management & OTT Portfolio at Red Bee and Eva Thunell, Founder of Shortly, talk about how Shortly uses the Red Bee OTT services to create a distribution platform that enables short filmmakers and film festivals get their services in front of consumers around the world, starting with the origins of Shortly, their goals and how to launch an OTT service in partnership with Red Bee. VIEW PRESENTATION
Introducing Promethean TV's Donation Overlay Templates for driving donations directly from video streams without disrupting messages. Ideal for Houses of Worship, the new Donation Overlays connect digital congregations and encourage generosity while streaming LIVE or showcasing VOD content. Users can easily customise their Donation Overlay appearance, editing the layout and appearance to suit branding and colours. Take a look at Promethean TV's step by step instructions to discover how to drive charitable donations from your video streams. VIEW PRESENTATION
Recent industry developments have introduced solutions which enable the leap to an all IP facility at any scale, without the need to deploy a bespoke enterprise solution and get caught up in all the configuration, consultation and potentially large expense that that involves. During this session, technical leaders from Pebble Beach Systems discuss effective solutions and theories that put effective IP connection management solutions within your grasp. VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will be a demonstration of integration and interoperability for all types of multi-platform broadcasting. From scriptwriting to visual and audio management, image configuration, ingest, rundown, automation and the ability to publish directly to TV and social media. Allowing the focus to be on the story rather than the underlying technology. VIEW PRESENTATION
The session can look at how broadcasters and content owners must comply fully with distribution rights and local regulations to unlock a deeper understanding of their audiences’ needs. It can also look at how broadcasters and operators can drive smarter methods of advertising management and delivery to open up new monetisation opportunities. VIEW PRESENTATION
This session will explore how 5G offers data rate increases both upstream and downstream, as well as the ability to manage data on the 5G connections in a more sophisticated manner than ever before. VIEW PRESENTATION
During this session we will discuss how to use AI content tagging to optimize video services content catalogue, making it easily searchable, and their content discoverable We will speak about New AI-driven Content Search and Discovery Strategies and how we are successfully applying them in an innovation project for the National Spanish Broadcaster RTVE. VIEW PRESENTATION
The question is how to bring efficient, intelligent and sustainable solutions to video delivery that can sustain the increasing demand for both quantity and quality of video content, while reaching Net Zero. iSIZE provides fast and low complexity precoding with significant bitrate savings, providing a high quality of experience with next generation sustainable results and up to a 4-fold (400%) reduction in the energy required by a video encoder. VIEW PRESENTATION
NMOS is the great simplifier to building IP production facilities based on SMPTE 2110 infrastructure. So join Imagine’s IP Standards Guru John Mailhot for a quick skill-up on these hardworking specifications that could save you weeks of heavy lifting on your IP deployment.  VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will look at the different techniques that can be deployed without changing the infrastructure, which is especially relevant during the pandemic because network equipment cannot easily be upgraded. The session will examine how Content-Aware Encoding benefits emergency situations, as proven by seamless deployments during COVID-19. VIEW PRESENTATION
Pirate attacks on watermarking technologies are ever-evolving, tend to exploit their weakest points and attempt to re-engineer and break their structure. To be effective against piracy, it is essential that watermarking is highly robust against all attempts at tampering, as well as more sophisticated collusion and image processing attacks. In this presentation, we will review and analyze watermarking technologies and known real-world attacks on them. VIEW PRESENTATION
As SVOD providers continue to multiply, users are increasingly required to navigate numerous apps on multiple devices in order to access what they’re looking for. How did TV platform Freesat tackle this problem to stay relevant with its new 4K ready set top boxes and provide a seamless, joined up viewing experience? And how, with the prospect of IP channels on the horizon, will Freesat continue to keep a ‘streaming savvy’ audience engaged? VIEW PRESENTATION
Blockchain provides a solution for MVPDs and OTT providers to address these challenges, ultimately delivering a superior, personalized experience for customers while maintaining their privacy. In this presentation, Rob Koch, Global Head of Media & Entertainment Solution Practice, EPAM, will share how providers can leverage blockchain to communicate transparently and directly—without compromising personally identifiable information—to ensure customers can easily access their desired content and receive personalized recommendations. VIEW PRESENTATION
This talk will discuss evolving areas of emphasis for today’s premium video content owners, novel approaches to manage and publish video, and the implementation of a next-generation video supply chain. Specifically, it will discuss the latest innovations in managing and delivering ultra-low latency, programmable media assets that enable personalization (ads, content, channels, and more) at scale.  VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will be dedicated to AVC encoding. AVC, also known as H.264, proved to be one of the most efficient and popular standards. We will share our 32-year experience in encoding and reveal secrets of the configuring encoder settings in the best way. VIEW PRESENTATION
Learn how to facilitate work routines, improve troubleshooting system, reduce churn and make your audience happier! The speaker will dive into the analytical data and explain how to interpret it. The presentation will show the indicators of problems in encoder, descrambling module, CDN, modulator, packetizer. Equip the engineering team with powerful knowledge that will help to be proactive when it comes to error prevention and fixation in efficient systems of OTT content delivery. VIEW PRESENTATION
Edgeware’s CPTO Johan Bolin will demonstrate how broadcasters and content owners can mitigate the age gap problem by transforming the traditional broadcast distribution model to one that best complements the online viewing behaviours of these much lusted after younger audiences. He’ll propose a method which utilises channel stitching technology to compose numerous channels in the compressed domain, so broadcasters and content owners can deliver professional-grade TV on social media cost-efficiently and therefore, tap into their missing audience.  VIEW PRESENTATION
Streaming Week Streaming Content & PlatformsAn introduction to RIST main profileCiro Noronha, Executive VP of EngineeringSPEAKER BIODr. Ciro Noronha holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica, Brazil, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Noronha has previously held engineering management positions at Optivision, SkyStream, Tandberg Television and Ericsson. In 1999 and 2001, he had appointments as Consulting Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University. Dr. Noronha was one of VIEW PRESENTATION
In this video, Caringo VP of Marketing Adrian J Herrera discusses how the Swarm Data Management and Storage Platform can be used for content delivery, access and archive. As a pioneer in the field of object-based storage, Caringo built Swarm on content-addressable storage with built-in data protection and features such as WORM, Integrity Seals and Versioning. It enables you to continue to stream and monetize assets and to quickly retrieve footage as needed for post-production. VIEW PRESENTATION
We’re exploring how to give broadcasters what they need to be able to use 5G effectively. This includes developing a roadmap of how we get to full network slicing, what sort of integrated services and wrap-around service-level agreements and support is required. VIEW PRESENTATION
The session will examine how the combination of IPTV DASH and multicastABR uniquely resolves the issue of latency with ABR format, offering a solution that has no regression at all compared with broadcast and IPTV. Multicast ABR has successfully been deployed in production for IPTV-DASH use cases, and feedback from these real-world experiences will be shared during this presentation. VIEW PRESENTATION
The presentation explores the benefits for operators to use multiple CDN and a multiscreen TV application in order to increase the reach of their OTT video services, increase global delivery efficiency, ensure a superior video QoE and generate new revenues in creating additional placement opportunities for dynamic ad insertion VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation addresses an issue that is especially relevant for operators today, as they look to gain better control over their resources and the quality of the delivered service, while maintaining a full compliance with ABR standards and full support from all standard streaming devices in the market.  VIEW PRESENTATION
Bridge Technologies offers a comprehensive, end-to-end, fully configurable approach to monitoring through ISM (Integrated Services Monitoring). This means that for media houses, production facilities, broadcasters who have OTT as just one element of their service delivery – or for those looking to grow their OTT and remote capabilities – Bridge is there to help ensure that regardless of how your audiences choose to consume content, they will always be sure to receive high quality, reliable content. VIEW PRESENTATION
In this presentation, Angel Chin, Senior Director of Products & Solutions Engineering of BaishanCloud, will discuss the streaming industry trends in China & Southeast Asia, the underlying technology, and what we are expecting to see in the future. VIEW PRESENTATION
Digital content has grown exceedingly in the last decade, both in size and type. With streaming taking the lead, consumption habits and the level of intricacies in content management have also grown complex. The legacy methods to backends always ended up in monoliths, which allowed little to no interoperability or expandability. Modern service-oriented architectures further pose unique challenges, commercially and technically. Let's look at how to develop, manage, orchestrate, and deploy an ideal service-oriented architecture. VIEW PRESENTATION
This presentation will provide a brief overview of these technologies. It will then describe experiments running on the public Internet that have been carried out with various CDN and OTT players.  VIEW PRESENTATION