How Bulb & Agama’s innovative solutions support A1 Hrvatska in its digital transformation

How Bulb & Agama’s innovative solutions support A1 Hrvatska in its digital transformation


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How Bulb & Agama’s innovative solutions support A1 Hrvatska in its digital transformation

Journal Article from Agama Technologies

Mon 04, 10 2021

Over the past few years, customer habits and expectations have changed rapidly, and operators and service providers must now deliver the highest quality content across multiple devices. To achieve customer satisfaction, video service operators and providers must collect huge amounts of user data in real-time.

Then, to fully understand their users’ behaviour and the issues that frustrate them the most, they must have the tools and know-how to analyse this data and interpret it.


When digital services and communications solutions provider, A1 Hrvatska, launched its "New Form of Life” campaign, everyone was puzzled. They kept asking: ”What does this mean?” Behind this catchy slogan was an inspiring campaign based on the symbiosis of ‘man’ and ‘technology.'

A1 Hrvatska was quick to recognise the potential of the latest data-analytics technology. It wanted to take advantage of a solution that provides opportunities that seemed futuristic only twenty years ago but can now be rapidly and economically implemented.

It has always followed its customers' needs when it comes to developing its service to fit in with the latest lifestyle changes.

Looking to combine next-generation content with a unique user experience, its focus is on helping customers to really enjoy the benefits of their digital products and services. To achieve this, A1 Hrvatska assessed thousands of different options to find the best smart solutions that save time and are easy to navigate.

 One of the services that needed to be included in this new troubleshooting plan was DTV (Digital Television). Prior to this project, A1 Hrvatska used a comprehensive Agama solution that helped it monitor network health, including the video head-ends, and assess the individual customer experience.The solution is broadly deployed on its entire network and is integrated on both IPTV and cable STBs, providing network assurance capabilities and distributed analyzers. A1 Hrvatska wanted to ensure seamless integration of the new project with this


A1 Hrvatska, part of A1 Telekom Austria Group, employs about 2,000 people and takes care of the digital communication needs of 2 million customers on an everyday basis. It strives to improve its customers' digital experience with innovations and solutions. This led A1 Hrvatska to reinvent its customer service and empower its representatives with a state-of-the-art solution for fast diagnostics and guided troubleshooting.


Determined to reinvent standard customer support processes and transform them into new digital flows for both customers and customer support representatives, A1 Hrvatska had far-ranging requirements. These included:

  • Automation and simplification of standard troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting flow enrichment with real-time metrics for all services
  • Empowering agents and end customers through guided flows, from issue diagnosis to resolution
  • Integration with existing IT systems
  • Flexible customer-care solutions
  • Improved customer satisfaction

existing solution.


The goal of the project was to automate customer service to provide agents with automated diagnostics and troubleshooting tools and to empower end-users with an intelligent self-care tool. To accomplish this A1 Hrvatska chose Bulb’s Cempresso Customer Care solution.

This is a new-concept software platform that includes an automated background investigation and root-cause analysis, 360 degree service visibility, as well as a unique automatic remedy and guided support concept, via various channel interfaces.

One of its key features is that it enables agents to use artificial intelligence (AI)-driven suggestions to resolve issues fast and with a single tool.

As it wraps around existing IT systems and visualises data for customer service agents, it simplifies agents’ everyday tasks, making them easier to comprehend. This also makes it easy to deploy and harness the full potential of the Cempresso platform, which was instrumental in the selection of Bulb as a vendor for its implementation.

As already explained, to get real-time insights into the objective customer experience and where issues have occurred, A1 Hrvatska wanted a solution that could easily connect with the Agama API and enable easy access to DTV metrics and statistics. This data is crucial in the everyday troubleshooting process.

What makes this collaboration unique?

By combining these two powerful products, A1 Hrvatska’s customer care agents get clear insights into the DTV service. They can identify and solve some issues before the customer is even aware of them and view clear guidance on solving any customers issues that are raised.

Prior to this, they were forced to interpret the data themselves and come up with possible corrective actions that might help.


  • The Cempresso Customer Care dashboard seamlessly connects to existing systems and prepares real-time gathered data for the agents’ usage. This simplifies the way agents view the current situation at a customer’s premises, as everything is only a click away on a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Providing real-time metrics and information regarding the DTV service also makes it easier for customer service agents to understand issues reported by end-users.
  • Cempresso Customer Care enables fast issue resolution through a step-by-step guided workflow that uses Agama’s on-request gathered KPIs and metrics.
  • With seamless integration of Agama and Cempresso, agents can view important data through a single screen, rather than switching between two standalone applications to solve each customer call complaint.
  • The agents are able to view statistics for different types of services, such as Live TV, VoD, timeshift, catch-up, and start-over.
  • Cempresso interacts with Agama’s Analyzers and extracts STB QoE in real-time, when customer service operators open the customer view dashboard.
  • This new solution allows simple ad-hoc fixing of customers’ issues and, where necessary, the operator can decide whether the customer needs an on-site technician due to installation problems.


Combining the Cempresso Customer Care platform with Agama’s client probes, A1 Hrvatska benefits from a solid integration that allows it to collect ad-hoc data sets in order to diagnose customer issues.

Furthermore, this solution is powered by two companies that have proven expertise in network analysing and monitoring, and also in providing customer-care solutions.

Most importantly, A1 Hrvatska believes the integration between Bulb’s Cempresso Customer Care tool and Agama’s solution was one of the key factors to the success of its "New Form of Life" campaign.


Agama Technologies specialises in empowering video operators’ business processes with awareness that can drastically lower operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. With extensive experience and an industry-leading solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics of video service quality and customer experience, Agama helps operators to implement a data-driven way of working to assure optimal service quality, improve operational efficiency and increase customer understanding.

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