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IABM is organizing an extensive series of BaM Online Summits™ and Live Streams - virtual events around key industry themes – as well as a number of webinars over the coming months. You can find out more and register your FREE place at all of these events on this page.

If you would like to request to take part in our online events as a panellist or a speaker, please click here and send us your details.


June 2020

The show must go on – how to succeed with virtual sales and marketing

Wednesday 3 June (10.30am - 11.30am ET / 3.30pm - 4.30pm BST)

IABM Virtual Event

Join us on 3rd June and get a virtual tune-up for your sales and marketing.

People buy from people they know and trust. But with no exhibitions or events for the foreseeable future, how can you get noticed, get acquainted and get selling again in our new all-virtual World?

We’ve pulled together a panel of specialists in Marketing, Sales, Demos and Publicity, together with marketers from successful companies in broadcast and media from all corners of the globe. They’ve agreed to share their expertise, best practice and top tips on what you need to do differently, and how to keep going successfully in the virtual realm. 

IABM Webinar - Standards Update

Thursday 11 June (11am - 12pm EDT / 4pm - 5pm BST)

Our industry is filled with different standards that are constantly being updated and new ones initiated. We all are often too tied up in our day-to-day activities to keep up with various standards activities, until suddenly we need to be on top of them for an order or an RFP.

IABM is here to help you keep up to date with the latest developments with this on-demand webinar. We will also cover the latest activities from our IABM Endorsed Collaborative Groups – AIMS – Alliance for IP Media Solutions, DPP – Digital Production Partnership, MOS Development Group, Streaming Video Alliance and VSF – Video Services Forum.

This webinar is presented by Stan Moote, IABM CTO and Paul Treleaven, IABM’s Technology Specialist who actively represents IABM on SMPTE and AES Standards Committees and at ABU Technical Committee meetings. He provides meeting reports and drives our Standards Monitoring Group.

IABM BaM Online Summit™ - APAC Focus

Thursday 18 June (2.30pm SGT/ 3.30pm JST/ 07.30am BST)

This Summit will cover:

  • The latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the APAC region
  • A global technology trends update
  • Regional examples of collaborative working
  • The needs and requirements of local broadcasters

IABM Webinar - Focus on 5G

Thursday 25 June (3 - 4pm BST)

IABM’s 5G webinar will discuss about the recent moves in the global 5G market and different deployment strategies chosen by different countries and telecom operators.

July 2020

IABM BaM Online Summit™ - The New Normal

Thursday 2 July

The full agenda will be released soon...

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On-Demand Content from past Virtual Events in 2020

Is Esports Having its Big Moment? (Webinar Presented by Telstra)


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, esports was predicted to be a huge driver of growth for the gaming industry in 2020 and beyond. Now, with mainstream sports around the world on hold and millions of people around globe staying at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus, gaming and esports have become increasingly popular as a way to fill the empty hours of lockdown and isolation.

Some sports leagues such as the NBA have turned to the esports sector to find new ways of engaging with fans. NASCAR has been one of the most successful sports to augment cancelled events with its iRacing Series, with one event attracting 1.3 million viewers at its peak. Several esports competitions are also being shown on live TV, as broadcasters look to fill hours of scheduled sports content that were cancelled in the wake of the pandemic. Additionally, Twitch, the biggest live-streaming platform for games, has seen its hours watched jump 50 percent between March and April and a full 101 percent year over year.

So, is esports having a big moment? What’s happening and what will happen next?

Moderated by Lisa Hanson, President, Niko Partners, our panelists discuss:

  • Esports’ growth in prominence and legitimacy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Some of the recent esports events that have occurred during lockdown, how they came to be, and why they’ve been successful
  • The emergence of mobile esports and how it may affect the industry overall, and
  • The potential effects esports may have on broadcasting and TV


  • Ricardo Rodrigues, Head of Business Development, Americas, Telstra Broadcast Services
  • Nikita Buffee, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Allied Esports International
  • Todd Harris, CEO, Skillshot Media
  • Dave Harris, Partner, Guinevere Capital

IABM BaM Summit™ - Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities in advancing streaming media/OTT operation


In light of the rapidly growing streaming/OTT market and the increasing progression of the broadcast and media industry towards more service-oriented, direct-to-consumer business models, AI technology represents the area of great untapped potential.

Agenda to include up to date research finding from the IABM Business Intelligence Unit, real life case studies and our vendor and customer panels.

IABM BaM Online Summit

Webinar - AI/ML at Globo

This webinar is part 1 of our Demystifying AI/ML series. In it, we will delve deeper into one of the most important and interesting use cases of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML): content monetization. The focus will be on the strategic and practical implications of AI/ML at the intersection of content and technology.

We will be joined by Globo, a major proponent of AI/ML in content monetization, to understand what this technology can bring to the broadcast and media industry in terms of efficiency and personalization. The webinar will include both a presentation of Globo’s application of AI/ML and an interview.

We will cover:

  • Data Journalism during COVID-19
  • Fostering Data Literacy in Media Companies
  • AI/ML Use Cases for Monetization
  • Data Privacy
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Accelerating Remote Global Workflows with Fast File Sharing, More Securely

In the new world of working off home internet speeds and slow, sometimes inconsistent VPNs, transferring basic files can feel like you've gone back to the age of dial-up internet. Tools like IBM Aspera and collaboration tools like 5th Kind’s CORE can help you to return to the speed of normal work.

Join us as we demonstrate how Aspera’s latest updates integrate with your other tools like 5th Kind’s CORE, a digital asset management and real-time workflow collaboration platform, to optimize workflow processes and turnaround times. It’s robust functionality and seamlessly integrated Aspera upload and download feature ensure CORE can deliver both large files and large file batches wherever you are in the world without throttling your internet.

In addition to fast, secure file sharing, 5th Kind is introducing their Real-Time Collaboration feature with a new player offering synced playback and review sessions. 5th Kind’s CORE offers advanced search capabilities, metadata access controls, and sharing and distribution features for a comprehensive, end-to-end experience bookended by the power of IBM Aspera.

Embracing change – The secrets to success in extraordinary times

IABM Virtual Event

Chaos drives change. The chaos of the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be a catalyst not just for change in broadcast and media, but rapid change; it is a powerful accelerant. Consumer, business and technology shifts that would normally take years are happening at speed before our eyes.

What are these changes, and how can we embrace them successfully so we’re fit and ready for the ‘new normal’ – whatever it eventually looks like?

This IABM online event, which includes a session with change champion Jim Lawless, aims to equip you with the expert motivation, knowledge and tools you need to keep ahead.

IABM BaM Online Summit™ - Direct to Consumer Focus

IABM BaM Online Summit

With case studies and customers across the ‘direct to consumer’ value chain discussing their issues, their solutions and their plans for the future, this on-demand event gives you actionable insight into how OTT/streaming media is driving unprecedented SVOD viewing as consumers turn to OTT services to acclimatise to social distancing.

NAB Show Express 2020: IABM Online State of the Industry Conference

Get the inside track on key trends and technologies shaping the future of Broadcast and Media

IABM Live Stream

How the Coronavirus is affecting the Media Industry – A view from the world of sport

30 April 2020

Webinar: Focus on Satellite

30 April 2020

IABM/Dell Webinar - Cyber Resilience in Media

23 April 2020

Webinar: Is Virtualization Really the Key to Scalability?

15 April 2020

Webinar - Understanding the needs of Broadcast and Media Tech companies

8 April 2020

BaM Online Summit™ - MENA Focus

30 March 2020

How Coronavirus is impacting the media industry

26 March 2020

Webinar - How to do business in the MENA region

11 March 2020

Webinar - The Key to Agility - Microservices

7 February 2020

Webinar - Media Tech Transformation - adapting for change

30 January 2020