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Virtual tune-up for your sales and marketing

People buy from people they know and trust. But with no exhibitions or events for the foreseeable future, how can you get noticed, get acquainted and get selling again in our new all-virtual World?

We’ve pulled together specialists in Marketing, Sales, Demos and Publicity, together with marketers from successful companies in Broadcast and Media from all corners of the globe. They’ve agreed to share their expertise, best practice and top tips on what you need to do differently, and how to keep going successfully in the virtual realm. 

You can view the full videos below, if you would like to view the on-demand version of the webinar which includes the discussions around each video then please click here.

We would love you to share your top tips for sales and marketing so please email and we will publish online.

Shaun Thomson
CEO Sandler UK

Shaun shares a number of tips around sales including ensuring your body language is right, the importance of team meetings to stay connected and how to keep the sales process going in these challenging times.

The international team from RedLorryYellowLorry share a number of tips including content marketing, the importance of regional variations with messaging and social platforms and how essential it is to customise your campaign - "Think Global, Act Local".

The team have also put together a great ebook entitled "M&E marketing without trade shows" where they have gathered regional insights from members of their global PR agency network Convoy to help M&E brands grow globally.

Download your copy here

Daniel Rowles
CEO & Lead Trainer, Target Internet

In this in depth interview, Daniel talks to us about the importance of ensuring your messaging resonates with the audience, utilizing tools like Google Trends and Answer the Public to make sure your SEO is effective, how to chose which social media platforms to use and the increased use of social selling.

Daniel talks about the Target Internet "Digital Skills Benchmark" which assesses your digital skills in a variety of digital marketing disciplines against industry standards and best practice according to main job focus, level of seniority and industry sector.

Click here to benchmark your skills.

Rob Ambrose
Managing Consultant, High Green Media

Consultant, industry analyst, writer and technologist Rob Ambrose talks us through how to ensure you are giving effective demo's to your potential customers during these times. Tips include ensuring that you keep them engaged, what equipment to use and the importance of ensuring you follow up post demo.

Top Tips
We also spoke to some of our members who work in sales and marketing and asked them for their top tips for ensuring your marketing stays on point during these times.