It isn’t simply a “COVID thing” – CTO Panel

It isn’t simply a “COVID thing” – CTO Panel

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It isn’t simply a “COVID thing” – CTO Panel

Hosted by Net Insight & Powered by IABM

Thu 22, 04 2021

A new way of thinking and working is required across all aspects of the value chain — from media production to transportation. Together with industry experts we explore the evolution of remote production and switch across to cloud and IP-led media channels and business models.
We throw light on the transformation taking place pre-covid and share an number of real world case studies including the Alpine Ski event with SVT and key points of a IP Remote production study.
Our panelists reveal their future vision of cloud and IP led media channels for broadcasters, corporate and social media – along with how to accommodate changing viewer behaviours.
Panel 1

  • Huw Dymond, Product and Operations Director, Blackbird
  • Per Lindgren, CTO, Net Insight
  • Jeremy Dujardin, CTO for Media & Entertainment Services, Tata Communications
  • Adde Granberg, CTO, SVT

Panel 2

  • Chris Clarke, CEO, Cerberus Tech
  • Rupert Watson, M&E Sales Director, Jigsaw24
  • Gary Schneider, Global Production Systems Lead, Linkedin

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