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ECS object storage simplifies global collaboration and durable media archiving

Dell EMC PowerScale

Unlock collaborative workflows with the new standard in unstructured data storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Cloud Storage

Building an agile and flexible content supply chain that quickly responds to business expectations

MediaKind Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP)

Delivering next-generation TV services, including cloud DVR and time-shift experiences on any screen

4K Remastering, Upconversion & Restoration

Academy® Award winning Lowry Digital technology for Remastering, Upconversion and Restoration


A secure, no risk and easy-to-access method of storing content on the Cloud.

Archiving Services

PFT’s award winning Media ERP Suite, CLEAR, offers a new way of Archiving precious content.

Caringo Drive Remote Storage Access

Caringo Drive is a virtual drive that gives you simple access to Swarm from macOS and Windows

Caringo FileFly

Smart Secondary Storage Software for complete automated lifecycle management of unstructured data

Caringo Swarm Cloud DR powered by Wasabi

Managed, offsite Disaster Recovery service, enhanced data protection with DR to Wasabi cloud storage

Caringo Swarm Object Storage

Caringo Swarm is secure storage for media management, delivery & archive

Caringo Swarm Server Appliances

Swarm Server Object Storage Appliances, On-prem, S3-accessible data storage devices