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Linear and non-linear scheduling

M.I.S. is a software and TV solutions company

that produces and sells complete solutions to media sellers and TV broadcasters. Our product MISTV is a complex, highly-integrated software solution designed for efficient management of TV stations. Above efficient handling of standard daily operations, MISTV is focused on two main goals which are the economical keys for a successful TV station. The first one is to help you to make your station efficient – to control the broadcasting plan costs and effective use of the library which is undoubtedly the greatest asset that a TV station has. The second one is to help you to maximise your revenue from air-time sales – to get the maximum revenue possible from the available inventory.

MISTV consists of two basic modules, the Air-time sales (Advertising sales) and TV station operations (Station Management system). The two basic modules are accompanied with an additional basic module called OnlineBussinessAnalyzer which is a highly sophisticated, efficient, and user-friendly reporting tool.

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