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Modular interfacing and signal processing

The IQUCP50 is a user configurable multi-channel video over IP transceiver developed for use within low latency and high bandwidth Ethernet IP networks. Using RTP VSF TR-03 (SMPTE 2110), TR-04 and SMPTE 2022-6 encoding and encapsulation schemes, along with clause 74 FEC, enables the IQUCP50 to encode or decode up to 16 SDI signals and transport them over redundant 50GbE links (SMPTE 2022-7) with either dual or single port options. To enable hardware processing flexibility IQUCP50 has a variety of Software Defined Cores (SDCs) available that can be purchased and loaded as operational needs demand. SDCs can be installed via a licensing mechanism and include; essence processing for SDI to IP gateway type applications, signal monitoring for multi-viewer style applications, network processing for IP transcoding and NAT firewall applications, and signal processing for broadcast quality conversion and processing requirements. With it’s essence processing SDC IQUCP50 provides frame synchronized SDI outputs along with both uncompressed and compressed (using SMPTE-2042 – VC2) modes of IP operation. Encapsulation of signals in a SMPTE 2022-6 transport stream is also catered for. IQUCP50 is fully compatible with GV’s new broadcast centric IP routing and network management solution designed to migrate Broadcasters from a traditional baseband routing and control environment to new Hybrid SDI and IP workflows.

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