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Newsroom production management and automation systems

GV STRATUS 6.0 from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is a video production and content management toolset that simplifies workflows with a combination of intelligent tools and powerful customization. GV STRATUS 6.0 enables collaboration where everyone has access to every clip on the network with the tools required to manage content. Here are some of the latest, groundbreaking features that enable creative talent to produce more content, faster in GV STRATUS 6.0: Social Media Management: Prepare and publish assets to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from within GV STRATUS 6.0. The first complete, rules-based tracking tool that allows for optimal management of breaking news, and other popular content on social media. Want to retweet stories from a particular organization? Done.

Want to delete a Facebook post if it doesn’t reach 50 likes? Got it. With social media management in GV STRATUS 6.0, the publishing team can focus on creating new content rather than managing existing assets. GVRE Transcoder: Build a loyal social media audience by always being first to publish. With growing file workflow support, Editors and producers can start working before the content has finished uploading. GV STRATUS 6.0 gets the video you need to air no matter the format within 15-20 seconds of ingest initiation. Virtualization: End-to-end virtualization allows GV STRATUS 6.0 users to phase in to virtualization on their own timeline. The new storage manager allows for a commodity-based system to allow users to utilize the feature based on their workflow, their schedule and their production requirements.

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