IABM has a team of expert trainers covering a huge range of subjects, disciplines and levels of knowledge. We can deliver these courses at your premises (certain elements of the course can also be bespoke to suit the needs of your company and your team), or they can be delivered virtually. Simply email training@theiabm.org for more information and we can put together a quote. 

*Virtual courses will delivered virtually in ‘UK’ time zone and delegates will need a laptop/PC with internet connection, a microphone and a web cam to take part.

Scheduled Courses:

New York

8th July - IP Overview for Technical & Sales

9-10th July - Advanced IP Networks for Engineers

11-12th July - Practical HLS and DASH


27-28th August - IP Network Essentials for Engineers

29-30th August - Broadcast Technology Workflows


7th October - Practical PTP

8-9th October - Advanced IP Networks for Engineers

10-11th October - Practical HLS and DASH

Los Angeles

28th October - Practical PTP

29-30th October - Advanced IP Networks for Engineers

1st-2nd October - Practical HLS and DASH

All Courses:

Upcoming Training Courses:

Training Course

Understanding the Broadcast and Media Industry

Ideal for new entrants to the industry to help build insight and understanding into what makes the industry they have joined work.

Other Training Courses:

Training Course

IPv6 Fundamentals

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol and is currently being deployed in Service Providers and Enterprises across the world. This 2 day practical course covers the benefits and features of this protocol and considers strategies for migrating from IPv4 to IPv6.

Training Course

IP Multicast for Streaming RTP Media

This hands on workshop covers transport of RTP streams using IP Multicast Protocols and runs over two days.

Training Course

Practical PTP (Precision Time Protocol)

A one day course that covers the fundamentals of PTP (Precision Time Protocol), including the evolution of the standard from version 1 to version 2.

Training Course

IP Network Essentials for Engineers

This 2 day course will build your understanding of the fundamentals of networking, in which data is transported as packets switched and routed around a common infrastructure. 

Training Course

Understanding File Formats

The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of current video and audio file formats plus their associated metadata and workflows.

Training Course

Audio and Video Fundamentals for Engineers

Gain an understanding of how audio and video signals, files and metadata are handled along the end to end broadcast chain.

Training Course

Emerging IP Technologies in Broadcast Industry

A one day course that covers the fundamentals of SMPTE 2110, Network Device Interface (NDI) and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)

Training Course

Broadcast Technology Workflows

Gain an understanding of workflows and integration and consider the changes in the market from the convergence of today to the challenges of tomorrow.

Training Course

IP Overview for Technical & Sales

This single-day course gives a "big picture" overview of how IP networking is utilized within the Broadcast Industry.

Training Course

Practical HLS and DASH Workshop

2 day practical workshop that shows the delegate how to setup the native windows web server to stream adaptive bit rate services such as Apple HLS and MPEG DASH.

Training Course

Advanced IP Networks for Engineers

Builds on the content covered in the IP Network Essentials for Engineers course and looks in more detail at the protocols involved in streaming video across IP networks.

E-Learning Courses:

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To access them, please head to the MyIABM tab at the top of the screen, scroll down to "E Learning" and you will see the courses there and be able to access them.

Please note that most of these courses are currently free to IABM Members & Globally Engaged Partners.

E-Learning Course

Video Over IP

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

This course consists of 7 modules, providing a thorough grounding in the principles and standards of Video over IP (Internet Protocol). Starting with the basics of using IP as a replacement for SDI, it goes on to look at RTP streaming and the fundamentals of IP multicast, and then covers SMPTE ST 2022, SMPTE ST 2110, AES 67, AMWA NMOS, and PTP (IEEE 1588).

E-Learning Course

Engaging with the Broadcast & Media Industry

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

This online E-Learning course, available exclusively to IABM Members, is a series of videos designed to provide an overview of the many opportunities and challenges within the broadcast and media industry. It consists of 12 short videos presented by IABM’s CTO, Stan Moote and industry expert John Ive, starting with understanding the basic workflows within the Media and Entertainment Industry.

E-Learning Course

Digital Marketing

Over 100 digital marketing online courses available with 2 new courses added every month. An interactive platform enabling you to learn at your own pace which covers all the digital marketing topics, from analytics to usability at 3 different levels of ability.

Complimentary e-learning places are not available on these courses.

E-Learning Course

Introduction to Broadcast Technology (Updated 2021)

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

This E-Learning course provides newcomers to the industry with an insight into what makes broadcast so unique and enables course attendees who have been in the industry longer to understand how their company’s products and services fit into the overall distribution chain. It will familiarize delegates with broadcast and media technology, the associated jargon and the role that technology plays in the business in which they operate.

E-Learning Course

IP and File Based Workflows

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

IP and File-based workflows are the new norm. Our comprehensive training course leads the way in providing a dynamic perspective into the latest technologies, systems and workflows that comprise the IP and file-based broadcast facility. It explores storage and media management, the use of multiple platforms and analyzes different production considerations and delivery requirements.

E-Learning Course

Introduction to video – from camera to display

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

From camera to display, this course provides an insight to the technology that transforms live images and transfers them to a High Definition picture on televisions and mobile devices. It covers image acquisition in the camera, the video formats that move video between devices and the color coding that make this all possible.

E-Learning Course

Introduction to Broadcast Media Workflows

Unlimited FREE places available to IABM Members & Global Engaged Partners

This e Learning module starts with the basics, building understanding of what “workflow” is and why operational workflows are important in media businesses. It overviews different types of workflows and how these have developed in the context of changing audience consumption, investment shift from capital to operational expenditure and technology that puts ICT at the core.

E-Learning Course

OTT Business Opportunities

New Course!

Understanding OTT system types & services, ways to integrate it with broadcast TV, and new revenue opportunities are important for the survival of new television service providers and existing broadcasters. This TV business focused course starts be describing key OTT systems key options, marketplace trends, and ways to leverage integration with broadcast systems.

E-Learning FAQ's:

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  • Content is divided into modules, each taking about 40 minutes, though you can stop and start any time you want. The IABM e-learning platform keeps track of where you got to
  • The IABM e-learning platform will pick up from the last page you read, but you can navigate forward and back through each page and module as you want
  • Modules comprise of graphics with a spoken explanation, also text which mirrors the voiceover. Short quizzes give a change of activity and gauge progress
  • You’ll have access to the e-learning course for four months. Reminders will be sent if you have not completed the course in that time
  • IABM can extend your four month access to the course if needed