Advertising Sales Systems - IABM BaM Product Category

Advertising Sales Systems - IABM BaM Product Category

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Advertising sales systems

Advertising sales systems

Sale of linear and non-linear advertising campaigns, airtime and impressions to brands and media buyers.


MISTV consists of two basic modules Air-time sales and Station Management system


Broadcast Management System and Advertising Sales & Traffic all in one integrated solution

MISTV Mira: Advertising Sales

MISTV Mira Advertising Sales module for everything your station needs for optimizing ad revenue

Landmark Sales

Landmark Sales is a comprehensive ad sales and scheduling cross-platform solution.

xG GamePlan

Award-winning ad management engine for linear TV

Etere Video-on-Demand

Streamline Your Video-On-Demand Experience with Etere VOD.

WO Media Sales

Say hello to streamlined TV ad proposal management and sales

WO Payments Suite

Say hello to full-featured A/R automation and go from order-to-cash fast

WO Marketplace

Say hello to new demand, increased competition, and optimized rates

WO Ad eXchange

Digital audio, say hello to automated access to advertiser demand

WO Network

Say hello to a smarter way to manage sales, commercial operations, and billing, network wide.

WO Traffic

Say hello to the leader in media operations, traffic, and billing.